Sunday, July 29, 2012

Great Latina Set Saturday

I'm going to put up the audio for this later.  It was a great night.  Saw her and opened her while she was in a 4 set sitting down.  I played everything right.  Frame controlled her and asked her if she was independent or if she had to stay by her friends the whole time.  She said she was independent so I isolated her.  Then I isolated her again to the fire pit.  In the middle somewhere she had to go to the bathroom, it was a good reason to number close her since I told her if she got lost, I can find her again.  She easily complies.  Some how I talked about food and she got excited about this burger place because apparently in LA there was a really good burger joint too.  I convinced all of her friends to go.  By this time I had made out with her before she had bounced to get food with me.  I think its critical to get a makeout with girl before bouncing venues because you don't want to be suckered into a platonic vibe getting food.  She even paid for my food, what a nice gal!  (I tried to pay for my half and she just gave me a weird look lol.  I think the next time a girl offers to pay, I should just thank her and kino her rather than looking like an idiot trying to pay my side, she obviously wanted to pay because I am too sexy and alpha and she wanted to be appreciated for doing so.  I have come to the realization that women are so different.  Some are totally generous and some are total gold diggers, it just all varies)  At this point its 3am and these chicks were tired and her friends just fucking ditched her lol.  They gave her the hotel key card and said "we are tired, we are going to go back".  So she stayed waiting for me to finish my big ass chicken salad lol.

This was a great opportunity to pull but the distance to my car was FURTHER than the distance to her hotel.    If the distance to my car was shorter, I could have offered to drive her back to the hotel and attempted to pull in the car but bahhh, shitty logistics and her foot was hurting in her high heels I just walked her back to her hotel and up to her room, got a make out and left.  I didn't bother trying pulling to Temecula, god damn the next day drive to take her back to LA would have sucked.  But yeah, I really hate pulling in cars because I want to get them to shower first lol.  And pulling back to my place would have been 2 hours round trip the next day.  Meh, great nightregardless.  I'll be in LA soon enough that I can hang out with her when I am there.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Coming Full Circle

Today I went to a day 2 that ended with a lay.  Whats interesting was that I didn't talk a lot about myself.  I barely mentioned anything about me.  Almost everything I said was in the form of questioning or relating.

Its funny when you start out, the first rule any PUA would tell you is to not ask so many damn questions and not to train stack your damn questions.  After a few months, your verbals improve, and you sort of go to the other extreme.  You become more like a self absorbed asshole who seems to be only into yourself and the girls don't connect with that.  This is great for the attraction phase but it almost kills you during comfort/rapport phase.  I used to talk on end about how awesome I was and how my life was great.  Lets not forget, the attraction phase is much shorter than the comfort phase.  Unless that chick is super submissive and compliant, shes just going to get bored to death of you talking about yourself.  Believe me, I have done that on the phone where I just ramble on about everything in my head.

But now, I sort of scaled back. I don't talk that much about myself, especially if shes already into me.  In fact, I ask a lot questions and it still works because a lot of my attraction stuff is sub-communicated.  Its great because it gets the girl to invest a lot by talking about herself and any time she invests, its always a good thing.  The other great thing about this is I am being a way better listener and being able to relate.  Further more, I learn a shit load of new information.  Some of these chicks talk non-stop and once in a while, you hear something of a gem thats worth noting down (but only once in a while)!  A lot of the shit that comes out are pretty stupid too.

This is the paradox and nuances of Game.  Depending on what your level / skillset is at, an advice at a certain level might be terrible, but that same advice could be golden when you reach a different level.

Friday, July 13, 2012

You never know so follow up even though its not that on!

I met this girl in San Diego.  It was her birthday.  The vibe was warm but not great... I isolated her but she then kept trying to look for her friend.  I got her number by saying "give me your number so I can text you in case you get lost".  She told me to give her mine and I declined and instead I took her phone, put my number in and called myself.

One of the cool tricks I do is to call the girl on the spot and have a role play conversation.  In this case, I called her and pretended I was actually calling my mom and how I met a Bolivian girl who wants to invite me over for dinner and cook for me.

Anyways, she eventually finds her friend, they were two high energy Black chicks. I was like oh hell no, this is my first set of the night, there was no way I can match her friends energy level.  Plus her friends are going to be all over her trying to get her drunk. I didn't think I could pull so I just ejected since I got her number anyways.  As I was leaving, I said "We'll hang out later" and she was like "Maybe, I dunno, we'll see".   Pfffff.

Anyways, the text was super boring. She told me she wanted to be a dietitian back in the club so I talked about amino acids during the set.  My first text was a call back text to bring her back to memory with me.  During the set I made fun of her for wanting to be a dietitian but not knowing what the amino acids were.  Below includes the text.. and after 3 days of almost no spark, I somehow managed to get her to go to a comedy show with me on a Wednesday night.  Some times I get free tickets and I will just text a whole bunch of girls and see who bites.  I guess she didn't have anything to do that day so it was on!  The day 2 turned out pretty well and she is hinting to hang out again.

(Ill update the text later)

So its been 1.5 years in since I left my keyboard jockey phase.  I don't really feel like telling my whole life story again.  God damn I was a newb back then.  You can always refer back to my old videos.

Right now, I'd rather just post my day/weekend experiences and random thoughts that come to my head.  Sometimes, I'll say something really witty in the field or maybe I figure out some new logistical trick.  I'll post those epiphany moments here.