Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Terribad Girl Texters

Jesus Christ, some girls have pretty god awful texting.   Maybe I should wear a wig, call myself Michaela and teach girls too.

Strong WTF.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Peruvian Day 2 at Comedy Show

Comedian:  We got a diverse crowd up in here tonight!  (looks around at the front isle).   We got some Black people, we got an old rich White man, and we got an Asian dude fucking a Mexican girl! (referring to me and my day 2)

Girl: I'm not Mexican

Comedian:  Are you Asian?

Girl:  Nope

Comedian: WTF, there can only be two options.  What are you going to tell me you're from Mars?

Girl: I am Peruvian

Comedian:  Same shit as Mexicans except with llamas!


I love getting the front seat at comedy shows.  The effect is far different than sitting way in the back.  You pick up on way more things from the comedians.  You also get called out a lot since most comedy places do not have a ton of Asians.  Furthermore, if you are with a non Asian girl, aka White, Latina, Black...the comedians usually say some pretty funny shit; either that or they're flat out confused.

When you get called out, some times its good, some times its bad.  I'll share one of each.  One time I took a Black girl out on a Day 2, and the comedian was Mexican.  He asked who there was on their first date.  I raised my hand.  He literally went on a 10 minute bit about Asians and small dicks (to a Black girl).  This was 2 years ago and I didn't get the lay.  Fuck you comedian.  Its not like Mexicans are known for big dicks.  Some have small ones, I been to LA fitness locker rooms.

On another occasion, I took a White girl to the comedy club, the guy asks who was on their first date and I raised my hand.  He made us get on stage and bought us each two shots.  Then he made us make out in front of the entire audience.  Winning.  I did end up closing that night.

You win some and you lose some... but you always have a good story.  How does this relate to pickup?  Comedians are some of the best cold readers out there and they will always have something to say after your answer.  That is the essence of a natural.  Naturals don't need routines.  They can take a boring ass response to "where are you from" and turn it into something funny or tease the girl.  You can't take cameras or recording devices to a comedy show but you sure can take a pen and paper.  Take some notes while you're there!

To some of my nosy readers out there.  The Day 2 went fine.  She was into me physically, no much game was needed.  I'm not going to the nitty gritty details unless its funny or game mechanics related but she is driving an hour to hang out with me next weekend.  Watch, I'm going to jinx myself and shes going to find my blog like they all do last minute and I get flaked on... FML.  The comedian was Jay Phillips.  Funny guy.  If you haven't already added the Improv on Facebook, make sure you do.  They give free tickets all the time

Friday, October 25, 2013

Cross Country Road Trip - 9/26 - 9/29 (Miami)

Thurs-Sun 9/26 - 9/29 Miami, FL

I am back from my road trip but I want to keep writing about my experiences.

We were in Miami for about 3 and a half days.  We got an mediocre hotel on South Beach because that's where most of the partying was located.  Parking was costly and difficult and the hotel was fairly expensive for what its worth.

The first night out was Thursday, we checked out LIV.  Its probably the biggest club on the east coast, ranking just below a few of the top Vegas clubs like XS, Hakkasan, Marquee.  They fucking charged us 60 dollars for cover on a Thursday night.  It can be as high as 200$ on the weekends if a hot DJ shows up.  The poor 35 year old girls beside us also had to pay 30 dollars LOL.  I think for a girl, that probably hurts your ego even more when you have to pay and the 21 year old right next to you walks right in for free  Because there are less competition and less big clubs in Miami, they are more selective and anal about letting certain people in.  Can you imaging a bunch of PUA guys all trying to get in?  Hard as hell.  The clubs here open at 11:30pm and go to 5am in the morning, even later than Vegas.

Now back to how it relates to pickup...  
There is no patio in LIV, its one of the loudest, most heavily bass sounding venues I have been to; not very good for conversations.  I also noticed a lot of ugly older dudes with not much game hoarding all the tables and that's where all the hot girls are.  The average age of men inside were older than what I have seen in LA and Vegas and a lot of them did look like chodes which leads me to believe that a lot of girls here are looking for men of wealth.  This doesn't necessarily mean that you can't game them, its just harder to even approach and also they are looking for a different agenda.  A lot of girls are immigrants from other countries.

While walking on south beach we opened quite a few sets.  The demographics here are different than that of west coast.  West coast latinas are typically Mexican.  Miami latinas are more diversified including Puerto Rican, Central American, South American (Brazillian).  Also you see a lot of eastern European as well.  Conversations opened pretty well. The place does seem day game friendly.   You also see a lot of average looking girls though.  Don't assume that its just all hot babes laying around everywhere because its not true.  South Beach is one of the few beaches were girls tan with their tops off.  Bring a pair of sunglasses so you don't seem like a creeper.

During the other nights, I was teaching boot camps. We went to Clevelander and Mango Tropical cafe.  The Venues were mehhh.  Can't compare to Vegas.  Miami supposedly has one of the highest concentrations of single women, making it a city that is favorable for dating if you are a man.  If you like Latinas and a lot of European, the beach, and a change of scenery, check it out.  Its certainly prettier than Vegas.  However, if you want to practice pickup with logistical efficiency, sheer number of sets... of course Vegas hands down.

One of the popular venues on South Beach is Nikki Beach and is popular on Sundays.  We didn't have time to check it out but I wanted to.  I would have slapped on my bright orange short shorts and did some beach game but we went to Key West and then started heading for NYC.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Quick Update

Whats up everyone.  I'm back from my 30 day road trip.  I've been in Vegas for the last 2 weeks running bootcamps.  I am not next to my desktop back in Cali so making updates have been challenging.

A lot of things have happened and I will be posting a lot of pickup and personal learnings on the blog.  Here are updates and posts / videos to come...

  • I got a new condo on the Las Vegas strip.  Just got the keys and paperwork done recently.  Its on the north end and I can get to XS nightclub within 3 minutes of leaving the garage (logistics winning!).  This will be my Vegas home base and I will be running bootcamps here.  It can hold a lot of people and the students on my bootcamps can stay here the weekend for free.  As students, you guys are welcome to pull to this pad as long as you don't jizz all over my walls and bedsheets.  Thanks.

  • Been hitting up strip clubs lately.  I even snuck my camera in one in New Orleans and recorded an hours worth of interaction with a stripper.  I will probably have a video up soon with blurring of course.
  • I made friends with a few Vegas locals and a few promoters here; learned a lot of insights about the types of local girls in Vegas, their nature, and also what its like to game on industry nights (Sun - Thurs).
  • I still need to update about my experiences in Miami, New York City, and Chicago during my road trip as it pertains to pickup.
  • I have complete pull videos that needs to be updated.  These are hour long videos and I need to blur out everything and put subtitles for the conversations.
  • I also have a lot of student footages.  Some clips might relate to you, some are comical, and some include pulls too!

When I am back to Cali this weekend, I plan like to make daily posts to hopefully catch up on the lack of content within the last few weeks.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cross Country Road Trip - 9/23 - 9/24 (New Orleans)

Mon - Tues  9/13 - 9/214 New Orleans, LA

I'll tell you right now, New Orleans is not a great pickup place.  First of all, its known for its food, and what does food cause? Fatasses.  I wasn't even impressed with the food all that much; the gumbo was all pre-made.  The Oysters were pretty good though. Acme Oysters was a great place.

The streets of New Orleans were fairly dirty and wet.  Rain comes unexpectedly and multiple times throughout the day.  We hung out mostly near downtown and also the French Quarters.  The weather is hot and humid.  The humidity was near 80%, and I swear to god, walking one block in New Orleans will cause you to have a wedgie.  When you're hot and sweaty, it throws you out of the pickup mindset.  Even if you get a girl, shes going to be sweaty and nasty too.  Sorry, I'm OCD and germophobic.

We were there on a Monday and Tuesday, perhaps it would be much busier on the weekends.  Also, I am sure street game would be pretty cool during Mardi Gras.  I wasn't there then so I can't give you the assessment.  The demographics of the locals are mixes of Blacks and Creoles.  If that's what you like, go for it.  I'm mostly into Asians, Whites, and Latinas, so not that many sets on top of a slow Monday and Tuesday night.  

We did go to a strip club later in that night.  There were quite a few of them along Bourbon street within the French Quarters.  Instead of paying for lap dances, I talked to a girl and bribed her with Beignets (French donut from Cafe Du Monde) LMAO.  I ended up getting an hours worth of lap dances for free.  My student who tagged along with me on the other hand thought he could game the stripper.  I had told him that one of my other students fucked a stripper at Sapphires in Vegas on a bootcamp once.  Its a different story because the student who pulled paid 150 for a VIP place in the back, but he also knew a secret hiding spot within the strip club.  Technically a stripper could get into a lot of trouble for that.  Anyways, my student in New Orleans believed all the IOIs were real LOL!  He spent 450 bucks for 45 minutes in the private room in the back.  My god, I wanted to punch him in the face.  I happened to sneak my camera in there and got some footages  Another thing that annoys me, strippers can sense if you have game.  Most will talk to me for 5 minutes and ask if I want a lap dance and will leave if I say "maybe".  However, when she sees a fucking old white guy, she will flirt with him for 30 minutes!  See acting like a beta chode isn't that bad in a strip club!