Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cross Country Road Trip - 9/19 - 9/22

Thurs-Sat 9/19 - 9/21 Austin, TX

Austin is nuts.  The night life there is INSANE.  Even on a Thursday, 6th street was filled with people.  For those that are unaware, 6th street is the bar section of Austin.  UT Austin is nearby and therefore there are a lot of college kids.

Demographically, there is a large percentage of white girls and blonde girls.  There were some Hispanics but you definitely find wayyyy less Asians than in LA or west coast.  Asians also behave more White since there aren't enough of them to circle jerk with each other.

Texas in general is more of a bar scene than it is club scene.  Virtually everywhere we been to are bars.  What makes 6th street unique is the high density of bars all in one spot.  The cops wall off this street at night so no cars can go by.  Sarging here is like bar hopping but also mixed with street game at night.  Its similar to doing Hollywood street game at night but the bars have no cover.  I enjoy the fresh change of scenery as you are not limited to one venue.  We were here Thurs, Fri, and Saturday.  On Saturday, I shit you not, there were probably over 20,000 people on this stretch of road.

From a pickup point of view, I do find it harder to game White girls if they grew up in an area not exposed to Asians.  This doesn't mean you can't get White girls in predominantly white areas.  I'm just saying the percentages are going to be lower.  What makes Austin great from a sheer number of people and the number of hot blonde girls, the downside is that we are in the bible belt region of the country and therefore a lot of girls are "wholesome".  Furthermore, a lot of college students are either ADD, shit faced, or stupid to talk to.

Outside of pickup, Austin is quite a scenic city.  It is also the capital of Texas.  There is a mixture of good food, rivers, congressional buildings, scenery, and bar scene.  We ate at Home Slice (great pizza), Hopdoddy (great burgers), and Salt Lick (great bbq), Kerbey Lane (late night diner).

Sun 9/22 Houston, TX

We were here for one night.  One of my bootcamp students lived here so we crashed at his place.  The diversity in Houston is greater than Austin.  There are more Asians and other races here, hence the fact that there is a China town.  My student requested that I demo for him so we decided to go to a club called NOX.   I taped the mic and wireless transmitter to myself and gave him the receiver and earphones so he could hear the conversation.  It wasn't bad for a Sunday night.  He was impressed and wants to do a Vegas infield with me next month.

In the morning we stopped by the Houston space center while we headed towards New Orleans.  Nothing really stood out greatly about Houston.  My student said its an under appreciated city... not sure what that means.  Oil and gas industries are huge, perhaps thats why there are decent amounts of engineers on the west side of Houston.  One of the things that surprised me was the lack of travel from locals in Texas.  More than half the people I have met in Austin never been to Houston their whole fucking lives and its 200 miles away.  I asked them, how the fuck does someone born in China.... has been to Austin, Dallas, and Houston and yet these people who lived in Texas their whole lives never been to opposing cities.  You come to realize most people are lame.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cross Country Road Trip - 9/16 - 9/18

Mon 9/16 - Scottsdale, AZ

The night scene in Scottsdale is pretty good.  Its known for their barbie type girls.  You see a lot of girls with implants including cougars.  I would say Scottsdale is a pretty superficial town.  I went to a pool party there a year ago to show off my six pack and I swear it felt like a bodybuilding convention.  Having a good physique was just the norm. The town right next door is Tempe which has Arizona State University.  There are tons of hot college girls in the vicinity.

Electronic dance music is super popular there just like in Vegas.  Scottsdale is known as Molly capital of the world.  The clubs are in one general area however they were not all congregated on one street.  It was more spread out over a few blocks.

We were just staying there one night on a Monday night so obviously the venues were not that packed.  We went to Spanish Fly and then Hi-Fi.  My first impression was that guys did not approach.  We saw circles of guys and circles of girls separated.  However, Monday is industry night and its hard to tell whether this dynamic is true for the weekends and normal nights.

I had a chat with a sports bar manager and he told me stories of how easy it was to pull girls.  His pad was just a few blocks from his work place so logistics were easily handled.  He would get girls shots and use his status to pull girls at the end of the night.  I had asked him if it was better to work the social circle game there or do cold approach game.  He said cold approach is better and reputation spreads if people know you are sleeping around in social circles.  Some times I wonder.... can cold approach only get you so far?  Yes game is a criteria... but damn having status at certain places sure helps a lot.

Again, take this with a grain of salt.  It was the opinion of one dude and we were there for one night.  I would say on the west coast, second to Vegas and LA, Scottsdale probably has one of the best night scenes.

Tues 9/17 - Albuquerque, NM

I wouldn't say this city has anything super amazing.  Its one of those one night cities that we were passing by.  We did take the worlds longest tramway called Sandia Peak up to the mountains.  The scenery was pretty amazing up at the top.  It gets really cold, don't forget a jacket.

We ate at 66 Diner which I am guessing is named after route 66.  My friend opened the waitress and had a date with her after she got off work while me and my student went to go sarging.  Makes me wonder, since pickup isn't rampant in these smaller cities, I would presume it would be pretty easy to do pick up on these hired guns as most guys are likely to have no game (just a thought).

We went to this place called Imbibe which was decent for a Tuesday night.  There were a lot of ghetto people and smelly people but surprisingly there were a lot of hot college students aspiring to be doctors (hehe they all are until they fail).  I soon realized it was college night on Tuesdays.

I asked girls what was cool in Albuquerque and the only thing mentioned was "Breaking Bad", a crime drama TV show based there involving some guy who produces and sells meth.  This sure makes me want to leave Cali and move to Albuquerque! /sarcasm.

Oh, my friend didn't get the lay hahaha... LMRed.  The 18 year old waitress was an ex-drug addicted.  Big surprise.  I commend her for being able to support herself and having her own apartment at a young age.   My friend Go-PRO recorded his entire date.  He brings that thing around all the time, some times he wears that thing when hes fucking girls or when he opens sets during day game.  Next time you think everyone is watching you at the club, realize this... nobody gives a shit.  Most people are completely oblivious of their surroundings.

Wed 9/18 - Dallas, TX

We got to Dallas pretty late.   It was midnight before we got out to the venues.  The place we went to was Plush.  It was ranked 26 on top 100 club and bar magazine for 2013.

It was a piece of crap when we went in.  There were a total of 10 people and 2 girls.  Nobody was attractive.  Instead, we ended up going to a strip club called XTC huehuehue.  I guess Dallas is known for their strip clubs.  Many of these clubs are open 24 hours a day.  Dallas is kind of grungy and I think any time you are in neighborhoods like that, there tends to be less strippers that are White and Asian.  Instead, you get the big booty twerkalicious ones hahaha.  XTC served alcohol but the strippers were full on nude.  There were six poles around a gigantic room.  Since it was late, there were not a lot of strippers and most people were standing.  Its different than Sapphires in Vegas.  I paid 20 dollars for cover so I didn't want to get blown out of the venue and decided not to approach every stripper on site.  Instead, I mostly observed since it was only my 5-6th time at a strip club.

The girls go full on nude when dancing on the poles.  When performing lap dances, they go topless.  I always thought that for a lapdance, you couldn't really touch the girl.  My limiting belief was shattered when I saw a guy suck one of the girls nipples while she was dancing on the poles!  I guess you kind of have to gauge the girls comfort level and see if shes into you... that or you throw down a lot of money.

From a PU mentality, many guys guys start out refusing to pay for girls as it may appear beta.  Some times I have that old feeling creep up on me.  I told myself at first to not get any lap dances since it didn't require "game" and then I realized, hey... some people just want to have fun and not everything in life is about game.  I see guys throwing money at girls they didn't even like and were totally ugly!  On the main stage, a girl did a good job dancing and some dude just threw a stack of a hundred one dollar bills in the air like it was nothing.  He didn't even touch the girl or even look at her.

Later on, I thought to myself, why not.  To game a stripper without paying is possible, but its very hard and it usually takes more than one night.  You essentially have to game the whole venue, know the bouncers, know the bartenders, establish yourself as an insider and a non-customer since breaking out of the customer frame is very very hard.

I told myself why the heck not.  There weren't that many girls and there was only one hot one.  I talked to her earlier and I told her to come back and I would pay for a lap dance.  Long story short, we chatted, she goes to community college, I got a lap dance.  Got to suck her boobies however was not able to get a makeout.  She told me it was against the rules at the club and that she could get fired.

Not that I am an expert at strip club game, I admit to being a newb, I do have two friends who are expert at strip club game.  Both have been able to successfully close in the strip club but its inside the VIP rooms where nobody is watching.

  • Be high energy.  Stippers are ADHD and have very short attention spans.  They are likely to be high and are stimulus junks.  You need to hold their attention.  
  • If you made your mind to get a dance or a private dance, talk to them first for a bit.  Then tell them you are going to pay for it later, and that they need to work for it.   Get the most out of your money!  Tell them to be flirty and really sexual.
  • Getting a strippers number is pretty easy, I got the number first time I attempted to number close one.  Same goes for my friends.
Here is all the advice I can give.  Again, I don't proclaim to be an expert in an area that I am not.  We tried day gaming at Dallas Galleria.  It was a piece of shit, no sets.

Texas has a lot of cops.  The guy turned off his radar prior and beamed us right as we were near giving us no time to react.  We hit the breaks right as my radar detector Passport Escort detected it... :(

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

That Feel When....

That feel when you're still video editing a same night lay on a girl you met in Vegas 3 weeks ago and her Facebook status went from single to relationship... da fak.

I meet so many people that there is no way for me to follow up and stay up on all the current events.  It always feels like everyone's lives are at a stand still until you see a facebook update.  For example, I had a LR over winter holidays and then I see a Facebook update in May saying "Engaged".  How does this happen!?!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Requesting Feedback on Venues for Cross Country Sargeathon

Hi all, in two weeks, 2 other guys and I are going on a road trip sargeathon across the country.  We have the cities picked out on the weekends but we still are deciding on the venues.  If you live or have sarged in these cities, feel free to give some feedback (please no newbie suggestions, I don't hate newbs, but I hate newbs who give bad advice)

Ideally the venue should have both a patio AND a dance floor with good logistics to nearby hotels. The venues that are in bold are ones we are going for sure.

Sept 20-21 - Austin, TX

  • 6th Street
  • 4th Street?
  • UT Campus?

Sept 27-28 - Miami, FL

  • LIV
  • Mango's Tropical Cafe?
  • Clevelander?

Oct 4-5 - New York, NY

  • Pacha New York?
  • PHD?
  • 1 Oak NYC?
  • Stone Rose?

Oct 11-12 - Chigaco, IL

  • Roof on the Wit?
  • Excalibur/Vision?
  • Public House?
  • Bull & Bear?
Maybe we'll be burnt out in Chicago and just get fat and easy deep dish pizzas for the whole weekend.

Interview with Sexual Chocolate

I get interviewed by Steve aka Sexual Chocolate.  For those of you who don't know, I will be giving a speech in Hollywood for the Ultimate Pickup Artist Convention coming up in September.

If you're interested in going to the Ultimate Pickup Artist Convention Sept 13 - 15, link is below.