Friday, January 31, 2014

Best Vegas Clubs for Picking Up Girls

The Vegas scene is changing now tailoring to a younger audience.  Its only been the last decade since mega clubs started popping up thanks to the EDM scene.

There are currently 4 clubs at the top.  They are XS, Marquee, Hakkasan, and Light.  There is going to be a new Drai's opening up in summer of 2014 that is probably going to make these clubs the top 5.  On the weekends, I would probably not go to any other club other than within these selection.

Weekends vs. Industry Nights.
On the weekends, virtually all of the clubs are open.  On the weekdays (Industry Nights), only specific clubs are open on each day.  Vegas is driven by tourism and there aren't enough visitors on the weekdays to go around so rather than having all the clubs compete with each other, only specific clubs are open each day of the week.  As you probably already know, weekends are better.  Generally speaking, tourists are much easier to game.  They are in Vegas to have fun, socialize, and have their crazy moments because its Vegas and they can.

On the weekdays, there are less tourists.  However, you will notice a LOT of hot girls on the weekdays, perhaps even with higher ratio per density than the weekends.  This can be a false illusion.  A lot of these girls are hired guns that are on their off day because every hot girl works on the weekends; its their money making days.  They can be cocktail waitresses, bartenders, dancers, and yes, even hookers.  Because they are locals with connections, they inevitably always have hookups to tables and bottle service.  Its not to say you can't game these girls... they are a lot HARDER.  These girls live in Vegas, seen it all, been hit on a million times every week, probably been taken advantage of by many dudes when they first moved to Vegas and learned their lesson.  A lot of girls are looking for a rich guy to take care of them.  Vegas will do that to ya.  More about this on a later time.  In a nutshell, weekends are better.

Best Days for Pickup
In order from best to least

Saturday - Obviously the busiest and best day of the week
Friday - Close 2nd
Sunday - Still some tourists remaining
Monday & Wed - Marquee Mondays and Surrender/Light Wed are decent because of the venues
Tuesday & Thurs - Probably the two worst nights to go out

Best Clubs Each Day of the Week
Its not just a battle of the clubs anymore but also a battle of the DJs.  Although my top picks are for XS and Marquee, a popular DJ like Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Krewella can significantly make all the hot girls to go Hakkasan or Light.  The latter two clubs have some of the hottest girls, but the venue makes it less ideal for pickup.  More on that in the next section.

Friday - XS, Marquee, Hakkasan, Light
Saturday - XS, Marquee, Hakkasan, Light
Sunday - XS or Hakkasan (if XS closes the patio, go to Hakkasan)
Monday - Marquee (almost always)
Tuesday - Hyde or Pure
Wednesday - Surrender or Light
Thursday - Tao or Hakkasan

Review of Each Club
For each club, I will give a summary plus a rating out of 5 for the following attributes
Size - size and also capacity of the club
Patio - size of the patio
Talkability - quieter areas that allow you to talk
Brightness - ambient lighting so you can actually see people
Isolation Spots - places you can take a girl to isolate or sit down; usually concrete edges around plants
Parking - parking logistics and distance to the club from the parking lot (if you drive)

XS (Encore)  (Ranked #4 in Revenue)
My all time favorite club.  When this place is packed.  Its heaven.  It has the largest patio of any club in Vegas making it great for conversation.  During the winter slow season, the patio may be limited.  During the summer months, this place can have upwards of 4 to 5 thousand people.  The outside patio is a circle and the inner dance floor is also a circle, making a figure 8 shape.  You can loop this figure 8 looking for sets which ensures you to not bump into the same sets over again.  Even the indoor areas have walkways between tables which allows you to open girls who are in tables.  Its slightly on the decline especially in the winter months.  Hakkasan and Light is dicking them over by drawing too many talented DJs.  Also because of the winter weather, the patio is usually limited or closed off.

Size: 5
Patio: 5
Talkability: 5
Brightness: 5
Isolation Spots: 5
Parking: 5 (use east side parking)

Marquee (Cosmopolitan)   (Ranked #3 in Revenue)
This is my close second favorite club.  It also houses a patio outside.  They recently put a green house dome over the patio so that it still stays warm over the winter.  Its one of my go to places when its cold.  The indoor is smaller and the layout makes it challenging to open sets that are in tables because they are double layered in a circle formation facing the dance floor.  The outer table has the back facing the walkway and the inner table is directly touching the dance floor.  The areas are roped off with bouncers guarding it.

Size: 4
Patio: 4
Talkability: 5
Brightness: 5
Isolation Spots: 4
Parking: 4

Hakkasan (MGM)  (Ranked #1 in Revenue)
The biggest new mega club.  It always has the hottest DJs.  Apparently the Hong Kong investor for the club just wanted to fuck all the other clubs over so he decided to pay $100k - 200k every night for Calvin Harris and Tiesto to play.  On average, it probably also has the most hottest girls of any club.  The down side?  Its dark, its loud, there is no patio, and its hard as fuck to game.

Size: 5
Patio: 0
Talkability: 1
Brightness: 2
Isolation Spots: 2
Parking: 2

Light (Mandalay Bay)  (Ranked #2 in Revenue)
Its also one of the newer clubs.  The club has a very simple design... its basically a rectangle.  Its known for its 4 big LCD screen that look like 4 theater screens put together.  It has the best visuals and attracts a lot of EDM fans.  The quality of girls are decent however its downside is similar to Hakkasan and its smaller.

Size: 3
Patio: 0
Talkability: 1
Brightness: 2
Isolation Spots: 1
Parking: 4

Surrender (Encore)
What I like about this club is that its almost entirely an outdoor patio with swimming pools in between.  Its not my top pick on the weekends but its great on Wednesdays especially during the summer because they have night time pool parties.  Its very conducive to conversations.

Size: 4
Patio: 5
Talkability: 5
Brightness: 5
Isolation Spots: 5
Parking: 5

Tao (Venetian)
I have never liked this club.  Its dark, crammed, and loud as fuck.  The layout looks like it was designed by 3rd grader.  The quality of girls aren't that great either.  Its still one of the larger clubs but its declining.  The only good thing is they got the Grand Luxe Cafe in the Venetian which is open 24/7 and you can eat there and talk about how shitty your night was because you decided to go to Tao.

Size: 4
Patio: 0
Talkability: 2
Brightness: 1
Isolation Spots: 1
Parking: 2

Hyde (Hyde)
Hyde is a small and somewhat exclusive club.  There are hot girls there but its almost ALL TABLES inside making it hard to game girls within tables.  Its also really loud.  Would only ever consider going here if you're stuck in Vegas on a Tuesday.

Size: 2
Patio: 0
Talkability: 2
Brightness: 2
Isolation Spots: 1
Parking: 3

Pure (Caesar's Palace)
This was cool back in like 2005 but now its a piece of shit.  The quality of girls is terribad.  The only time you would ever go here is if its a Tuesday night and you don't want to deal with industry girls at Hyde.  Its such shit, I'm not even going to give it ratings.

All Other Clubs
Unless you have a special reason, don't bother.  All the hot girls know where the cool clubs are so they are all flocking to the same places.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


So you want to get training but you don't have money.  Maybe its because you're a poor college kid.  Maybe its because all those dinner dates with girls are getting too expensive.  Maybe you spent a hundred grand on an exotic car to impress girls but you got no game.

Whatever the reason, have no fear!  I am offering ways for you to get free money or free training.  If you know a lot of people who are interested in pickup training, it would be very little work on your end.

For every person you refer::
  • I pay you 10% of the cost of a Vegas bootcamp. (Usually around $100)
You must email me: Squattincassanova @ before the person applies to training and the other person must list you under the referral section on the application form (so remind them to put down your name).

Below is the training application form:

Additional ways to earn free training.

If you are tech savvy but you don't know a lot of people, you can also earn free training.  If you can generate 3000 additional subscribers OR an additional 500,000 channel views within a 2 month time frame,  you just earned yourself free training.

  • Must be in addition to current/existing YouTube trending and growth.
  • Prior to starting, you need to Skype / email me your game plan.
  • Every week you must provide status updates on what was done and also metrics to measure the growth.
  • If criteria is not met, you will get a discount on training based on the ratio of actual results vs. target.
Email me Squattincassanova @ if you are seriously interested.  This task will require you to know about SEO, internet marketing, ability to post on forums and other social media outlets.  I will not be micromanaging or babysitting you.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stop Asking Girls for Advice

What do I mean by this?  It doesn't mean if your boss is a female, you should tell her to fuck off.  It doesn't mean if your Engineering professor is female, you refuse to do your energy and mass balance homework.

What I mean is... stop trying to learn serious things from a girl that you just opened... ESPECIALLY IF ITS RELATED TO SELF IMPROVEMENT!  You end up sounding like a herp-a-derp potato and seriously ruin any possible attraction and destroy your set.   I used to do this when I was starting out too so don't feel too bad.  I will give you some examples.

Example 1
You meet a girl who is an image consultant / fashion designer and you think its a good idea to ask her how you should improve your look and how you should change your fashion up a bit.

What shes thinking: "Now that you mentioned it, you do look like shit.  Good job looking like shit bud, keep it up!"
What shes likely to tell you: "I dunno, you look okay, just be yourself"
What you actually learned: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
What you should have done: Subscribe to GQ, go to a high end store like Neiman Marcus, hire an image consultant, or ask a friend with good fashion.

Example 2
You meet a fitness girl and you think its a good idea to ask her about what types of exercises you should do.

What shes thinking: "Do you even lift bro?  Definitely not alpha male genetics; do not want"
What shes likely to tell you: Probably something stupid like Crossfit
What you actually learned: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
What you should have done: Talk to Squattincassanova, hire a trainer, sign up for gym, do some research on the internet.

(When I meet a fitness girl, I tease her about her rough hands, or tell jokes that my friends on said, or I relate to her.  I'm not talking with the intent of learning anything from her.  As far as I am concerned, I am the pinnacle of fitness perfection even if in reality, I have a lot of improvements to make such as upper pecs, rear delts, hamstrings, etc, etc)

Example 3
You meet a girl who goes clubbing a lot and you don't know much about venues so you ask the girl about her opinions and advice on whats cool around here.

What shes thinking: "Wow strong home-body, you don't look like you go out much; newb"
What shes likely to tell you: "It depends on what you like."
What you actually learned: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
What you should have done: Yelp, go on the internet, study your venues, go on forums, ask Squattincassanova about which clubs are good.

I actually see this a lot about example three when I take students out to do day game in Vegas.  They inevitably bump into locals since they tend to be single girls running around in the malls because they usually work there, on lunch break, or just grabbing something quick.  If you're not from Vegas and they are from Vegas, don't talk about the same boring stuff that they already know and seen a million times.  Talk about where you're from because that's probably way more exciting.  She would much rather hear you talk about Venice Beach, or Pike Place Market, or Times Square than whats on the Vegas Strip.

Ultimately you opened them, its your job to be interesting.  Talk about stuff that you KNOW that she doesn't because that's what being interesting is all about.  If I meet someone from LA, I will talk about Seattle stuff.  If I meet someone from Seattle, I will talk about LA stuff.  I might tell a joke or tell a few quick things about where they are from to build some rapid rapport but I am definitely not going to blast away with a question stack hoping to learn shit.   When I ask questions in the beginning, its because I usually got a follow up story behind my question (putting the spot light back on me).

If you really want to learn something about a topic that was brought up in set, jot it down on Evernote app via phone and then go research it when you get home.

Obviously, its okay to ask some questions... especially during the rapport building phase.  Just don't get in the habit of asking these questions frequently if the girl isn't already into you.  Self improvement should be a secret.  Keep it a secret between like minded people.  Work on it with other people sharing the same goals.  Don't blast it to the general public.  Nobody cares.  Do you ever see Naturals talk about their setbacks and problems?  Never.  It always appears they are happy with everything in life.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Strip Club Game!

There is nothing more fun than making a stripper waste an hour talking to you before she realizes she didn't make any money!  TROLOLOL.

I didn't really go to strip clubs till I moved to Vegas.  I been enjoying it quite a bit and some times I take my students there after the infield.   This is usually 4am to 7am.  Its good opportunity to practice kino and also getting sexual... essentially acclimating to really hot girls.

Why strip clubs?
  • If you live in shitty, remote areas, finding good venues are hard but there are likely strip clubs!
  • Usually open all week long.  Some places are open 24 hours including LA and Vegas.
  • Really high concentration of hot girls.
  • Getting away with a lot of kino that you can't get elsewhere.
  • Seeing the reverse and watch girls try to game you.
  • Its pretty fun.
Some thoughts
  • Obviously you're there to practice.  A lot of girls give out numbers, but its still putting you in the client frame.  Most girls are ADHD and numbers tend to be really flaky and they are usually sleeping during the day.
  • You're going to have to get used to saying no.  A lot of girls will talk to you and get you invested, build compliance, and then try to push you to get dances or VIPs.  Remember, they are like female PUAs.  This is where you really need to be able to learn how to say no.  Otherwise, your wallet is going to get thin really quick.  Even I was uncomfortable saying no at first.  This pertains to life and also other girls.  You have to be comfortable saying no at certain times.
  • Obviously a lot of IOIs are fake.  Every stripper I talk to magically love Asians....right... we are just the fucking Adonis of all races right?  If she loves you, its not necessarily because your game is tight lol.
Additional thoughts...
  • Going to strip clubs and gaming is SUPPLEMENTAL.  You shouldn't be only going to strip clubs.  It will fuck up your calibration and also make you lazy in the opening phase.  In a club, a hard part is opening and getting attraction.  In the strip club, you just have to say "HEY" and they come walking to you.  I have had students who did a lot of strip club game, and have fucked strippers in the strip club but have a hard time in regular clubs.  Why?  Because saying "HEY" in a club to a girl will rarely get them to stop whatever they were doing and focus on you.
  • Obviously paying helps if you know what you are doing.  If you're a complete newb, paying is just putting you more in the customer frame.  However, if you're good, paying buys you more time.  Attraction still applies to strippers because they are still girls.  If they like you, you can get away with more stuff.  It is not uncommon for them to make out with you and do a lot more in the VIP if they like you.  One of my students makes a lot of money and usually gets VIP (its like 100 - 150 bucks for 15 minutes or 3 songs but a lot of times girls will stay with him for an hour in the VIP for no extra charge).  What he does is he talks to a lot of girls at the beginning, gets a feel for how into him they are, and pick then one that is likely to be the most on and then takes them to the VIP.
  • I have noticed that rewarding good behavior and punishing bad behavior still applies to strippers.  Many time I have talked to strippers for hour long conversations and its getting good and the girl asks me to get a dance from them or go get a drink from them and I say "NOPE".  Its essentially a slap in the face to them and the conversation comes to a screeching halt.  Some get butt hurt or completely bitter which is a complete 180 degree reversal.  Think about it, I am essentially punishing good behavior.  Some of these girls make 2 - 3 thousand a night and if they made zero dollars in an hour, they are severely reducing their pay to talk to you.  If you actually like the girl and want to continue, it wouldn't hurt to buy them a drink.  If you don't care and just want verbal practice, then it doesn't matter I guess.
  • The guy I know that has the best strip club game is probably Luke Krogh.   He also teaches pickup and used to be an instructor for AFC Adams.  He does it by befriending all the employees, bouncers, bartenders, essentially doing social circle over the entire strip club and comes at the girls from a non customer frame.  It seems like a pain in the ass to me.

This girl hung out for an hour and a half and gave me like 4 free lap dances because I offered her some donuts lol.

Monday, January 6, 2014

January in Vegas

Its that time of the year. CES and AVN... a great mix of nerds and pornstars.  The average age of clubbers will probably go up 10 years and the entire city will run out of fake eyelashes and douches (like the real ones).

I will see if I can crash both, will post updates later.  Ill probably post some stuff about stripper game and also going to strip clubs in general.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Years! (2014)

I just wanted to say Happy New Years!  2013 has been a crazy year.  I lost my engineering job and I started teaching pickup... a rather weird transition.  I moved from a suburb town in Cali to the Strip in Las Vegas... another odd move.

Last year, I met a lot of cool dudes.  A lot of guys who signed up for training are actually really awesome in other areas. I've met doctors, film producers, engineers, Grammy winners,  marines, and artists.  There were a few odd balls too but we won't talk about that hahaha.  But seriously though, guys who invest in themselves are usually the ones you want to hang out and make friends with.  Guys waiting in line on Black Friday to blow 1500$ on big screen TVs and nachos, probably not.

I hope 2014 will be better year for you guys.  I hope you all increase your lay count, approach count, SNLs, MLTRs, and LTRs!  Keep going out and target that 2000 approaches for the year.

What are my goals for 2014?

  • 15000 YouTube Subscribers (at my current rate I'm only projected at 8500 subs)
  • Get my real estate broker license (I'm bored of engineering for now)
  • Travel to at least 2 distinct places outside of the US (fairly easy to do)
  • Invest additional 80k
  • 210lbs / 9% body fat while off Creatine (should be fairly easy, I am currently 205lbs, 12%)
None of these goals are crazy, I am pretty sure I will achieve all of them.  I'll make a post next year about this post!