Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Calories of Prosperity

If you're a scrawny ass... forget salads, forget eating lean and healthy. You should be eating what I'm eating... and that's Chipotle, McNuggets, and Ben & Jerry's.

Of course you still have to lift heavy like squats, bench, and deadlift.  Otherwise you will get manboobs and nobody likes that.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Second Channel!

Started a new channel, Squattincassanova2.  I want to keep the first channel strictly in-field sets.

The second channel will be mostly Vlogs, short clips, and tips & tricks.




Wednesday, July 24, 2013

In Field Picture Link Is Up!

I just opened a new Flickr account (link in the header section) where I will be updating regularly of in-field pictures.

If you are a student and you want to request the non-censored version, please let me know.

Monday, July 22, 2013

General - Your Pickup Work Ethics

Guys who don't succeed in life tend to assume other people's success are due to luck, fortune, or some random factor. They don't look beneath the surface and they don't really evaluate how much work is truly done. I like to always use myself as an example because... well... I know myself better than anyone! As a guy who posts on many forums, I see a lot of responses. I get responses like this:

  • The only reason he gets girls is because hes tall
  • The only reason he gets girls is because hes muscular
  • The only reason he gets girls is because hes in Vegas and girls are always easy in Vegas.
  • He takes steroids
  • Its easy to get drunk girls
My question for you is... really?  Is it really just that simple?  Just be a tall buff guy and go to Vegas and girls are just jumping left and right into your arms?  Do you really believe that?  Lets dig deeper...

I started bodybuilding 4 years before pickup.  My weight before I started pickup was 200 pounds.  My current weight is 200 pounds.  During the last 3 years, I have been stable in weight and muscle mass.  My height has been a constant 6'1.  Prior to 3 years ago, I had zero lays from cold approach.  So if physique was the only factor that attributed to my results why did I have zero results back then?  Does physique compliment game?  Of course it does, but its not the sole factor.  Nothing is a sole factor in pickup.

Now lets take a look at about my gains.  Over 4 years, my weight went from 170 to 200 pounds.  This is 30 pounds in 4 years.  This is an average of 7-8 pounds per year.  Miraculous growth results?  Hardly.  Amazing genetics?  Nope.  I'm a skinny ectomorph by nature.  Its simply due to consistency and going to the gym 3x a week for years.  If I took steroids to gain 7 pounds a year, I better go ask for a refund.

Now, lets jump to the things that I did which helped pickup.  Here are the list of things I did from Jan 2011 to July 2013 (a span of two and a half years)

  1. Number of nights out per week: 2-3
  2. Number of weekends out per year: 48+ / 52 weeks
  3. Number of sets opened per week: 40 - 60 sets
  4. Total sets opened to date: ~6000+
  5. Numbers of hours shadowing a PUA coach 15hrs/week
  6. Months of improv comedy class: 6 months
  7. Months doing acting class: 1 month
  8. Number of hours of stand up comedy listened to: 300+ hours
  9. Number of live comedy shows attended: 25+
  10. Number of nights where my whole interaction was recorded and reviewed: 200+
I would say I am pretty happy with my current skill level and results.  So to get to where I am at, it took me two and a half years and performing all the tasks above.  Assuming you started out where I am, it would not be unreasonable to assume you would have to put in roughly the same level of work.  So are YOU?

The short answer is most of you are not.  I have taught over 30 guys over the course of the last 8 months, I have winged with over 200 guys over the course of two and half years, and I have followed other instructors students over this time span.  Only a SMALL FRACTION go out every week and that is the bare minimum.  Even with guys who pay me and even with me yelling at them and riding on their ass to go out every weekend, still 75% are not consistent.  How can you expect to get good if you don't even show up for practice.  This just baffles me.  Take a look at all the other PUA coaches in the industry.  Look at RSD Tyler, Mystery, Neil, DJ Fuji, Psych, and any other coach who ever spoke at a dating summit, do you think any of them got good going out a few times a month?  Every god damn instructor I know has been obsessive compulsive about Pickup and went out 4, 5, 6, 7x a week.  Tyler still goes out like 6 times a week and hes been in the game for 10 years!  Its not magic guys.  Pickup is kind of like grinding in an MMORG, there absolutely is a minimum in-field time requirement.  If some guy is going out 2x a week and opening 15 sets a night and you're going out twice a month and opening 3 sets a night.  Guess what?  Hes growing 4 * 5 = 20 times faster than you.  If that guy got good in a year, do you want to wait 20 years?  God I hope you guys aren't hoping to do pickup at age 50.

I got to slack off a little bit and was able to get to where I am because being tall and buff does help and being an intern for another PUA coach does shave off time.  But still, compare the amount of work I put in with the majority of you guys and its still a boat load higher.  If you are a tall, Abercrombie model who already gets laid and you only want to go out once every other week, I get it.  But if you're not amazing in the looks department and you're not already witty and super funny... and you want to get results faster than me, well you better put in way more work.

I have been around enough guys that just taking a look at their starting skill level and how much work they are putting in, I know with fair accuracy if they will make it or not.  Most of them won't make it.  Its simple as that.  Pickup isn't something you dabble in.  Its something you commit to for many months if not years. Most people start at a baseline below average.  You want to start smashing 10's every other week by going out once a month?  Haha, good luck buddy!  You're reading too many e-books with marketing bullshit.  Better start making some lifestyle changes like hanging out with your friends between Sunday - Thursday and dedicate your Friday and Saturday nights for sarging and approaching.  If your buddies want to hang out, hang out with them on a weekday or during the day time on the weekends.  There is a high chance your friends are chodey too so hanging out with them less probably would even increase your growth.  Plus, as you get better with game, it is likely that you will make new friends as you start to disassociate with your old friends because you are a new person.

Cliff Notes:  Go out at least 2 nights a week, Fri / Sat.  Open 15 - 20 sets a night.  Record your sets.  Write your field reports.  Stop being lazy, its a long road.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Weekly In-Field Video - How to Pull A Girl In Vegas Who Doesn't Like You

Here is the back story.  This was back in November 2012, right before Thanksgiving.  At the time i was not teaching yet so I was with a few of DJ Fuji's students just kicking it in Vegas.

The downside of having a Pickup Blog is that girls who like you, inevitability start Googling you to know more about you.  Unfortunately, what they Google isn't always what they want to see.  I kind of just tell girls I hookup with now what I do for my part time job so they know right away so there is no misalignment of expectations.  Anyways, I get a call from a girl that i liked who lived in Washington DC around midnight that night I was in the club.  She was yelling and screaming that I had blogged about her.  Oh well... that talk didn't end very well and I didn't salvage the relationship.  I had never felt so much of a state crash.  When random club girls talk shit, I usually just blow it off and laugh but when this happens to a girl who you really like, then of course you are going to be down.  I literally could not approach for an hour... not because I can't but I just lost all drive.

Its funny how, I always end up pulling when I at my lowest.  Its weird how life always happens like that.  Anyways, 1am rolls around.  I gather my composure and start approaching.  Long and behold, its this girl.  I opened her the night before and I number closed her within 3 minutes.  Of course with Asian girls, her friend dragged her away.   Tonight, she was alone when I found her.  I'm making a separate post about how SOOOOO important logistics matter in Vegas.  If it weren't for logistics, I would pull with a 90% success rate...  no joke.

So yeah, out of state, I open without much expectations.  I wasn't even in the mind set of pulling.  I didn't expect to pull this girl.  There was not much attraction other than the fact she was still sticking around.  The thing with pickup is that you never really know whats going to happen until it fucking happens.  Some times I have had sets where its sooo ON, and so hot.... then something happens and they get dragged away or some random shit prevents me from pulling.  And then there are sets like this.  Girl wont touch me, won't kiss me, doesn't show interest, yet I PULL!!  Its reference experience and plow habits that makes me keep pushing.  I push every set to the end just for the sake of seeing what happens.  Its kind of like playing a video game and you explore all the corners and cabinets just to see what random items may be lurking there.

Just like the video shows, I persisted.  I had three pull attempts and the last one worked.  People are scared of pulling but its one of the least scariest things to do.  If you tell a girl to go outside and get food with you.  Whats the worst thing that can happen?  Is she going to scream no and slap you on the face for asking her to get food?  NO!  The most she will do is politely say no.  In Vegas, I encourage you guys to attempt and pull every girl you talk to for more than 20 minutes.  Just do it on every set and make it a habit.

Anyways, back in the hotel, I had to run comfort game.  With Asian girls, its all about comfort.  Most aren't like your typical independent White/Black/Latina girls.  The fact she came back to my room was already big step and she was a big girl.  Shes 5'7 and does cross fit.  Anyways, the next episode is where I go over the dialogue while inside the hotel.  I find out shes a very nice person and a very caring person.  She goes out of her way for all of her friends which I think some of her friends actually take advantage off.  This is why she has really big wall up for strangers.  But yeah, once she got to know me... shes a total sweetheart haha.  I actually gave her relationship advice!  I know I know, I'm such a nice guy.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How To Not Write Fucking Field Reports

If your field reports starts something like this:

"It was dark, stormy night in December.  I looked out the window before heading out and I saw the first bits of winter snowflake fall gently on my windowsill".

Seriously stop.  This isn't a romance novel.  If I want to jerk off to some verbose lame ass story, I  could simply check out Fifty Shades of Gray from the local library.

Unless some how the darkness caused the girl you're pulling to trip and fall over a rock, causing you to bomb your SNL pull attempt (you learned your lesson and next time you should bring an LED flashlight), or you were too stupid to bring a jacket and therefore you had your hands in your pant pocket the whole time displaying poor body language, everything stated above is garbage, extraneous information that is irrelevant.

Here is an example of a crappy field report:

The Don'ts
  • Don't give your girl cute fake imaginary names.
  • None of this extra adjectives describing the story if it does not impact game mechanics.
  • Don't include the life story of you and her if it does not impact specific cold reading generalities. If you're going to tell me her dad is a lawyer, you better follow up with a cold read attempt or something you knew about daughters of lawyers that helped you progress further in the interaction.  Telling me she likes to eat drink coffee is irrelevant unless you know damn awesome day 2 coffee location.
  • Don't focus so much on what happened.  Focus on what you did to MAKE it happen.

The Do's
  • Include as much word for word quotations as possible.  This is why my friends, you should get an audio recorder.  As a reader, we want to hear your sound bites!
  • Include how you handled the objections
  • Include specifics on transition points.  How did you get her to move?  What did you say to get her to move?  Was she compliant?  If not, how did you address it?  Did you try it 5 minutes later?
  • Include details on your pull attempts.  What was your extraction statement?  Did you extract for food?  Did you extract with the clear intentions of sex?  Did baby step your pull from club to outside, then to parking lot, then to the car?  Did you pull with one massive attempt, aka, lets go back to my place?
  • Include three things you did right that night
  • Include three things you could have improved that night
  • Include word for word things you said before the blowouts

Its okay to talk about how you plowed though last minute resistance and the tips and tricks you used to escalate physically and how you turned her on.  However, as soon as your mushroom tip enters the kingdom, you can stop now.  You already closed.  Its done!  The END!  Nobody wants to hear how hard you made her scream or the fact you went butt naked to the fridge to get strawberries and ice-cream.  Cut out the extraneous stuff!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

That Pickup Feel When...#1

TFW... you Facebook add a girl you bedded a few weeks back who is age 22 and then you creep her old pictures where she was in high school with braces... is that wrong?

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dad's Jeans

Took a student out on a 1on1.  We did some day game and on the way we picked up a new pair of jeans.
 Fuarkkkk.  New transformation aesthetic as fuck.  We went from "dad's jeans" to designer jeans.  Typically you want your jeans to be fitted and dark.  Also ask the stores to tailor the length for you if the length doesn't fit properly.

If you know absolutely nothing about jeans and good casual wear and you really don't care to spend the time to learn, just go to the Rail section at Nordstroms and have the employees there help you out.  The following are some pretty good brands.

Fitted Dress Shirts:
7 Diamonds
Hugo Boss

Designer Jeans:
True Religion

You might ask, "But yo Squattincassanova, RSD says its all just game, nothing else matters.  I know a dude who lives in a van, doesn't ever shower and still pulls!"  First of all, game is just a piece of the puzzle, its not the whole thing.  Fitness, fashion, lifestyle, social circle are ALL big components of your life, your happiness and your success with women.  If you only work on game, you will hit a wall pretty soon.  Second of all, to be the attractive man, you need to do things that an attractive man does.  If you close your eyes and you envision a more perfect you in the future, do you really see a homeless bum doing cold approach for the rest of your life in a shitty bar with random club girls who work at retail?  Lets be real.

The last biggest reason I push for good fashion and good presentation is the accelerated gain of reference experience.  Look the best you can . Smell the best you can.  Have your room as clean as possible before you go out.  Do everything you can do to eliminate an excuse to not pull the trigger.  Even if one girl likes you more, even if one girl allows you to escalate further... you're gaining reference experience faster than that PUA next door.  Reference experience is what really builds confidence.   Why do I feel so confident and happy when I go to Vegas?  Because I have reference experience of pulling in Vegas before!   Why don't I have a lot of approach anxiety anymore?  Because of 5000 sets under my belt.  Could you in theory pull with shitty clothes and bad hygiene?  Of course you can.  However, you would be filtered out from a percentage of girls.  If you're learning pickup, why set the odds against you?   Fashion is one of those things where you can instantly give yourself a boost.  For all you nerds out there, think of it like an RPG game analogy.  Can you beat the game to level 99 using a rusty short sword?  You probably can, but you would certainly beat it much faster if you got an legendary breath of the dying rune word sword.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

VIDEO: Flash Game vs. Real Game (Pickup at Paradiso Rave in Washington)

A week after EDC.  I flew up to Washington state.  There was another huge rave at the Gorge Amphitheater. Unlike EDC, this place starts at 2pm and goes to 2am.  The scenery is also very different than EDC.  Instead of being in a stadium, its outside in the nature overlooking the Columbia river and gorge.  I got some decent day game footages.  My legit day game camera is 10000x better than my hidden button cam!

Basically this video attempts to discuss why most videos you see on the internet are considered flash game.  It is a very small portion of pickup but its blown out of control and people think its the bread and butter of game.  The reality is that is isn't.  Too many people are out there trying to do pure flash game and doing all this crazy shit in malls and getting arrested by mall cops.  What I am trying to get at is that you have to connect with the girl.  Its not just about being funny and in the moment.  Yes, that's always needed, but if you run pure attraction and flash game, you won't get very far.  Most you get is usually just makeouts.  Unless shes just down, most girls will not go past makeouts if you do just pure attraction.

Here are some other pictures I took at Paradiso.  I know, I should teach photography too.  Haha.