Sunday, September 30, 2012

Damn Logistics

I been getting in the habit of pulling and bouncing outside of venues to other places like food stops.  I swear its always logistics that ruin it.  I have never pulled a SNL unless the set was solo.  Never have I once isolated her from her friend that is in the same room with me.

It was a 3 set.  Two girls and one guy (who was like a retard family friend).  I bounced them all to a burger place and at the end, I couldn't isolate.  Girl 1 drove to Girl 2's house and both of them carpooled to guys house, in which the guy's sister gave them a ride to the club.  WTF LOGISTICAL MIND FUCK!!! I'm pulling out my protractor thinking of how to handle this but FAILLLLLLL.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tranny Attack of Doom

Thank God I work out.  Self Defense!

If you're hitting up Southeast Asian girls.  Check their voice, hand size, body tone, Adam's Apple, brow ridges.  Escalate at your own risk!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Relationship With Working Out

Its a love / hate relationship.  I thank it for helping me get attraction in the club but damn... the high protein diet makes me fart a lot which kills me during a Day 2.  Have you ever tried to hold a fart for 4 hours?  My goodness.  The thing is like jet fuel.  And the thing is, it never wants to come out when you're actually in the bathroom!  My intestines is trolling me seriously.

Monday, September 17, 2012

PUA Convention

I was invited to go to the PUA convention this weekend in Hollywood for free as a photographer and bodyguard LOL!  Its funny 2 years ago, I went to the same convention and nobody knew me but I guess a lot can change in 2 years.

Mystery couldn't make it because he was stuck in Canada.  There were a lot of big names that showed up like Neil, Tyler, Matador.  Pick up really is an art.  You can tell from the coach level that everyone is different yet some how they are all able to do their thing, although some coaches are better than others haha.  There really is more than one style or method.  I think there are certain principles and characteristics that are key but after that, you can express it however you want.  There's usually a lot of Asians and Indian guys at these events but there were a lot less this year.  I even saw two buff Black dudes.  One was an engineer!  He must be secretly Asian on the inside.

One thing you always notice about these conventions is that every year, 90% of the people are new faces.  What can I say, the turn around rate for pick up is higher than a McDonald's drive through job.  Seriously everyone quits within 3-6 months.  One of the coaches straight up said: "95% of you will fail".  And then when he asked the audience to raise their hands if they consistently opened 25- 50 sets a week, out of a room of 100 people, less than 10 people raised their hands and those were the ones that I hung out with LOL!

I'm at the point where I just go to these events to chill and network and meet new people.  These conventions are great because you hear stories and perspectives from other people but like any seminar, going to it alone won't make you instantly better.  Pick up is such an action driven process that if you don't transform your notes into actionable goals, it really becomes a waste of time.  When I went to the PUA convention for the first time in Sept 2010, nothing had changed for 4 months until I actually started approaching in Feb of 2011.

The girl in the picture is Style's new girlfriend.  Btw, is it just me or is Style the only one from the original Game who doesn't look like hes aged a single day?  Look at his face, hes got less wrinkles than me!  Everyone else just got fat and old lol.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

She Stole My Monkey

Went on a day 2 at a comedy show with a Russian girl I met in Vegas.  She saw my stuffed Monkey in the car and had to play with it.  She actually took it home because she loves Monkeys.  Before she left however, I told her I want it back before I go to Vegas next week, and she agreed.  Seems like a legit reason for her to come over to return it.  Hopefully she comes through.  I think its good to have props laying around.  Its kind of like peacocking except you're not wearing it.  Girls have an excuse to play with whatever object it may be.  I get this text from her on my drive back and my Monkey is on her bed LOL!

Here is the Monkey I got in Vegas....

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

PUA Convention Sept 14-16

I'll be at the PUA convention in Hollywood Friday, Saturday, Sunday this weekend and then going out clubbing at night.  Some of the biggest guys like Mystery and Tyler Durden will be there.  Hit me up in the comments section if you are in the area or need a wing.

If you sign up, let JTR know Squattincassanova/Enthalpy sent ya.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Meeting Naturals

I just met a natural today.  Not just any natural.  Hes a 6'5 Abercrombie model look alike who basically knows all the the club bartenders and also is in business school at SDSU.  God there were so many hot girls at SDSU, seriously you could sarge the campus and it would be full of HB8s or above.  Its also sorority rush week, these poor girls have to wear dresses in the middle of 90 degree weather, LOL!

How did I meet him?  I met a girl at a pool party.  I took pictures of her and we became Facebook friends.  Apparently shes boning him.

He basically promotes certain club events and also party bus gigs and heard that I am a good photographer. Here is the thing, when you want to hang out with cool people, you gotta provide value.  Have something that other people want.  For me, photography is one of those skill sets.  It was a potential to meet a lot of cool people and network.  I'm basically getting paid to sarge.  What a great deal.

Getting girls is one of those things.... its super hard for some people... and its sooooo god damn easy for others.  Its like night and day.  These dudes at SDSU throw house parties and its basically guaranteed pull.  They are all probably laughing us "PUAs" for having to sarge every weekend and reading "The Game".

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Girl That Started It All

The first and last gf I ever had.  It was long distance LTR of 7 freaking years.  Ex cheer leader, chemical engineer, UC Berkeley grad, white girl personality, she had it all.  Unfortunately like any long distance relationship, things are bound to happen.  Like everyone else, my perception of relationships was the result of social programming and the reality is... its not a Disney movie.  Half way into the relationship, I found "The Game" but since we were still together, I never really got out of the keyboard jockey phase.  I had massive AA up until we finally broke up.  It was a good ride, overall she was a good girl.  I don't think out of the 3500 girls I talk to within the last 2 years, there were many like her.  It was a learning experience.  I'm glad I found the game though.

When I had met her, I knew nothing about game.  Looking back, I would call it beginner's luck?  She was already attracted to me physically although I was much skinnier back then.  But what really made her bond with me was the fact we built deep rapport.  We would have hour long conversations on the phone, and we both had difficult childhoods.  One of the key aspects of Game was to share vulnerabilities.  I showed her mine and she showed me hers.  We instantly bonded.  But up until then... the sexual part was missing.  And I will always remember this quote.  Somehow in a conversation, "fuck your brains out" was brought up.... and I responded, "I have a lot of brains to fuck out".  Boom.  Hooked even more, she became my girlfriend.  Sure it was pretty awesome, but again, it was all dependant upon chance.  It was the hand of God (I'm not religious) that brought us together.  Talk about luck.  And its crazy to think this is how most people end up together.  Now, I know its more important to be able to change the course of the interaction so its not dependent upon fate.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Best Time for Opening Sets (Night Game)

Just from my experience, 11pm-12:30pm is probably the best window for opening sets.  Before 11, its too early and people are still getting in the club, moving around, and finding their friends.  Its rather hard because there are so many moving sets.  A lot of times they are checking out the club or getting a drink and its hard to hook a set with a super short time window.

When its too late, the girls are tired, drunk, irritated from being hit on by chodes, and also their feet hurts so they are usually sitting on some random object holding their shoes.  This makes it difficult for me to isolate them because their feet hurts and they don't want to move.  You basically have to build enough attraction to over come their feet pain.  I have always found drunk / tired girls to be extremely hard sets simply because their brain just cant handle the conversation.  It pretty much breaks game principles since you can't really build attraction or comfort because their brain is pretty much gone.  The only rare exception I have found is if they are extremely physically attracted to you.  In that case, escalation is extremely easy haha, especially on the dance floor.

Looking back at all my great nights with girls that I really connnect with.  I met them between 11pm-12 am.  I get full isolation with them, and the interaction lasts 1-2 hours or I pull.  Some times logistics fail me and their friends pull them back, and if its already 1pm or 1:30pm, I am usually shit out of luck for the rest of the night.  Vegas it’s a bit later but seriously, after 3pm…. sets usually get retardly stupid.  Maybe its my style.  I'm not the guy that follow girls to the bitter end like jumping into their cab with them like Tyler does.  If a girl doesn't remember me the next day, I don't think its worth it.