Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Indicators of Interest Vs. Compliance

We tend to gauge how much girls like us based on the amount of IOIs.  This is typically the case.  The more a girl gives you IOIs, the more compliance she gives you, and the more she likes you.

There of course are always the exceptions.  There are girls who flirt with EVERYONE.  Some times it seems super ON and it seems like she really likes you.... then out of nowhere she randomly walks off on you or she refuses simple requests like you asking her to move 5 feet.  Fake IOIs.... I hate it lol!!!  When you're a newbie, you tend to relish in this warm basking glow of IOIs when in fact its fake and you're just wasting your time.  A guy like me would just keep escalating until blowout to reveal her true fake nature haha.

On the flip side.  Some girls have a terrible time showing interest.  They tell you they don't like you.  They tell you that you're stupid or that you're not funny.... yet magically they do everything that you request.  You ask her to go grab a drink, she follows.  You ask her to go to the dance floor, she comes.  You ask her to come out of the club to get food she agrees.  I have no idea why some girls are like this.  Maybe they got hurt in the past showing too much interest and now they act uninterested as a defense mechanism of some sort... who knows, I'm not a mind reader.  But I guess the moral of the story is.... don't rely on IOIs and don't leave just because shes not showing a lot of interest.  Test out her compliance.  Will she hold your drink?  Will she let you put your arms around her?  Will she move around with you?  Will she sit down with you?  Will she let you kiss her?  Will she venue change with you?  One time my wing saw this short girl stand on her tippy toes to get closer to me so she can hear me.  Talk about huge compliance there.

Always gauge the girl based on how compliant she is and not purely based on how much she smiles at you etc.  If you think about it, whats the biggest compliance of all?  Yep.

This thing happened to me in Vegas last week.  Met this girl that told me she didn't like me at all and that I was a lame dancer and that I was a square for not drinking.  Even after the LR she STILL told me she didn't like me.  I'm just going on a hunch here... I'm pretty sure she likes me.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vegas for Thanksgiving

Going to Vegas for Thanksgiving to hang out with some fellow Canadians who don't celebrate it and also other people whose families don't love them hahaha.

This time I'll be staying at the Cosmopolitan which is so dope because Marquee Nightclub is right inside it.  Talk about great logistics!

For some random reason, I saw a telescope on sale on Amazon and I bought it so I will be bring that along.  It will be a weekend of food, sarging, and staring at the stars or whatever the heck I can find on my balcony haha.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Product Recommendations

These products help.  They are not magic pills.  Expect maybe a 10-25% boost in results.  Do not expect to take this stuff and go to the gym once a month or go out once a month and expect the same level of physique or game.  I have taken all these products personally.

Sexual Escalation Products

This is one of the best products for escalating.  Read it in the blog I wrote.

Kama Sutra Massage Oil

Bodybuilding Products

Kind of a no brainer.  Its the building blocks of muscle.  You could eat chicken and get the same results but this is mainly for convenience.  Good times to take it includes waking up, going to sleep, a few hours before workout, and immediately after workout.
Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein

Weight Gainer
This is an all in one formula.  Basically it includes both protein, carbs, and vitamins.  Its a lot of calories and a lot of it is coming from the carbs.  This one is the best tasting.  For all you skinny Asian guys who can't get any gainz, buy this.
BSN True-Mass Weight Gainer

Second to protein, creatine is the most important supplement to take.  It increases muscle, strength, and gains.  I have used it for 7 years straight without any negative effects.  You only need 5 grams of pure creatine a day but this has other stuff like amino acids.  Drink this during your workout.  It tastes like Koolaid.
Gaspari Nutrition Size On Max Performance

Pre-workout Energy Drink (Pick One Only)
Preworkout stuff is not absolutely necessary.   It does make workouts 100x more fun and intense.  This stuff makes you feel like god in the gym and you push yourself harder.  Better workouts translates to better results.   The stuff inside of here won't directly make you grow.
Cellucor C4 Extreme 60 Servings - Icy Blue Razz- Blue Raspberry

Driven Sports Craze Nutrition Supplement, Candy Grape, 238 Grams

Hardcore Fat Loss
This product is a thermogenic.  It increases heart rate, body temperature, and overall metabolism.  This stuff is also extremely strong and powerful.  Only take 1 pill on the first day.  Even so, this is still not a magic pill.  Don't expect to take one pill and lose 10 pounds on the first day.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

Gentle Fatloss for Maintenance
The following fat loss products are more gentle.  It is something to take on a regular basis.  They are however less of a thermogenetic and less effective than Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite.

Now Foods Green Tea Extract 400 mg, 250 Gelatin Capsules (60% Polyphenols, 40% Catechins, 16mg Caffeine)

MRM CLA 1250 High Potency,180 Softgels

Anti Approach Anxiety Supplements
The following can be found in general vitamin shops and nutrition stores.  These are again, just herbs and supplements.  Do not expect godlike inner game or peak like zen after taking this stuff where girls shit tests are bouncing off you like nothing happened.  It just calms down anxiety and promotes good mood.  If your approach anxiety is a 10/10, it might bring it down to a 7/10.  If you have crippling anxiety and you absolutely can not get yourself out of the house, its worth a shot.  There was a marketed pill for approach anxiety that came out 2 years ago, I took the active ingredient and broke it down.  There were three of them.  I took this on my first month of going out.  It did help a little bit.  By the second and third month of going out, my approach anxiety was manageable enough that I did not need these supplements anymore :).

Nature's Way Ashwagandha, 60 Vcaps
NOW Foods L-theanine, 100 Mg, 90 Capsules
Nature's Answer Passionflower Standardized, 60-Count

Body Tape For Microphone Cords

Braza Flash Tape (1009)

I hate it when people say "Its all about inner game".  No its not.  Outer game and presentation matters.  I am sure some PUA gurus have gotten away with lays without showering but does that mean being stinky and looking like trash helps your game?  Not at all.  Just because a few people get away with it does not mean your probability can't be improved by tweaking the way you look and smell.   Before a year ago, I never wore cologne.  I read a lot of forums and gotten opinions and this was hands down voted one of the best colognes out there and I had to buy it to see for myself.

Creed Aventus is one of three things I take when I go out.  The other two being Beano (anti gas haha) and gum.  Bad breathe is just a terrible thing to have.  Seriously, I would rather kiss an HB6 with good breath, than an HB8 with bad breath.

Here is a sample reaction from girls in set.

Get it below from Amazon for discount:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In Field Training

You Want To Get Good, But Here is the Problem:
PUA is Full of Weird People and Costly Rip-Off Bootcamps.

The problem with looking for other wings on PUA forums and lairs is that 99% of guys are weird and terrible and are likely to turn you into a creeper.  Ever read a PUA forum and see some dude with a billion posts giving advice? You think he's awesome and then one day you actually meet him in real life and he is a complete tool.  

Don't even get me started with most pickup companies.  There are no credentials required to be a pickup coach.  You can slap up a website and call yourself one.  Over the years, I have been to many pickup conventions and spoke to many coaches.   I have also had students who have taken bootcamps with other companies.  My friends and I have personally observed many coaches in the field.  There are just tons of horror stories.  I will share with you a few.  Names of companies are of course taken out.

  • Coach/Company A has had a girlfriend for many years and hasn't been in the field this entire time and also never demos.
  • Coach/Company B has ditched students during bootcamp to game his own girl, and has actually jumped into the girl's taxi cab while on bootcamp!  Personal friend of mine who took the bootcamp and received a debrief of only 10 minutes long.  Company highly focuses on drawing state from within, saying anything that comes to mind but doesn't focus enough on calibration, fashion, and being normal, causing many students to ignore social cues and personal space thus creeping out all girls in the club and not learning from their mistakes.
  • Coach/Company C forces students to buy a table during bootcamp, drinks while coaching during infield, and have students use alcohol as a method of isolating the girl (which requires no game) and photographs pictures of students with girls (who are clearly bottle whores) and puts it on social media as if its some actual game accomplishment.  He has also been spotted wall flowering in Hollywood.
Yep, definitely a 4-some going down.  LOL okay bro, lets be cereal, it was the table and the free drinks.

  • Coach/Company D makes a lot of in-field videos however the videos are trollish by nature and are mainly for entertainment purposes.  Such videos gives viewers a misconception on the structure of game.  Concepts are dumbed down and tailored towards a younger audience.  Many have mimicked these infield videos and have been kicked and banned from malls and other day time locations.
When you sign up with here, you get me and only me.  With larger companies, you're at the mercy of a random coach, and even worse, a junior coach or even an intern!

Objective of a Bootcamp

A good bootcamp experience includes 6 components.
  1. Developing Good Approach Habits:  A student who approaches 3-4 sets a night needs to quickly learn to not waste time between sets and should ideally after bootcamp be able to target 15+ sets a night (or 80% of time in set).  The student will also need to learn how to plow each set and know how far to push each set.
  2. Instant Post Set Feedback:  The student should return after the set ends for immediate feedback to avoid repeat mistakes in the next set.
  3. Sticking Points Identified:  This can include a whole variety of things including body language, verbals, inner game, elements like teasing and push/pull, and progressing game structure.  This can only be done through the aid of a microphone and wireless transmitter so the coach can listen in on the conversation.
  4. Reference Experience:  The idea is to push the student further along in set during bootcamp than previously accomplished while alone.  Gaining reference experience is very powerful because it quickly removes limiting beliefs.  Gaining reference experience without coaching is usually from trial & error and/or luck.  Once something is done and seen for the first time, repeating it for the second time is much easier.  This requires two way communication between the student and the coach.  The microphone and wireless transmitter provides the coach on the status of the set and the compliance level of the girl.  In return, the coach provides text and verbal cues to guide the student while in set without the girl noticing.
  5. Debrief: The debrief is ideally done outside of the club environment without distractions and addition stimulus.  The debrief will summarize the sticking points of each student.  This is best done by playing the video of the recorded sets to the students.  It is important to record the students while they are in set because the video allows the student to see himself in a third person perspective which identifies clearly what the student is doing right and wrong.  There are many key critical moments in set for example the opening, the transitioning, the escalation, the blowout.  The video can be reviewed repeatedly and played frame by frame to capture exactly what was done to cause the blowout.  Without video, subtle things like body language, pauses, specific phrases are almost impossible to identify.  They happen too fast and the student has no idea what is doing wrong because he can't see himself from a third person perspective.
  6. Homework:  The homework is a summarized email of weekly tasks to be performed outside of bootcamp to address the identified sticking points.  The student must realize that a bootcamp alone without continual infield practice will provide minimal long term change.
I am currently the only coach on the planet to place a microphone and wireless transmitter on every student as well as having the equipment capabilities to record the student infield videos for the entire duration of the night.

Why Most Guys Don't Get Good

The hardest part of PU is the first 3 month hump.    For most people, 3 months is the make or break point.  If you don't see results by the third month, you are statistically likely to drop out.  Have you seen anybody stay on a workout program after seeing no results for 3 months?  It's very rare indeed.  Still don't believe me?  Go to a PUA convention and then go back the next year and see how many people still remain.  The dropout rate is 90 - 95%.  If you are a random guy, there is a 19 out of 20 chance you will quit PU just like everyone else.

Take my personal experience.  I was exposed to PU at age 23 (2006) heart broken from an ex girlfriend and the same sad story that nobody gives a shit about so I will save you the trouble of reading, LOL.  I didn't seriously commit to approaching till I was 28.  I know what you are thinking: "WTF, this buff guy used to be scared of approaching? How can it be?" Well, its the truth.  I was basically a keyboard jockey for 5 years and the only reason I ever got good was because I was fortunate enough to meet a PUA coach that took me under his wing as an assistant.  That is how damn lucky I am.  I worked with him 5 nights a week, I went to every single bootcamp and in-field training he taught, and I transcribed all the teleconference calls.  For two years, I pretty much sold my soul to pickup.  I am what you call a natural with a synthetic understanding of game.  In essence, someone who appears natural when you watch him but yet he can break down game structure.

I used to think "If I just read one more book, if I read one more material, I would make the perfect approach".  That answer is FALSE.  Look at how many books I bought.  It did nothing but paralyze me and prevented me further from going out.  Even going out and standing in a club doing NOTHING is better than reading 10 books.

Look at how many books I bought.  I think I just killed the Amazon rain forest with all this paper.  Stop reading!  It wont help!

You want to become an approach machine as soon as possible so you can start seeing enough results to motivate you further.   As soon as you start getting numbers and make outs, the mentality of going out reverses from a painful experience to a fun one where you're anticipating something great to happen every night.

Sure techniques are important but people don't realize that learning anything requires good habits.  How are habits driven?  Unless you have amazing self discipline, your habits are largely driven by the people you associate and hang out with.  If you hang out with people who approach 20 sets a night, you are likely to approach 20 sets a night.  If you hang out with people who stand around and make excuses, you are likely to do the same.  Remember Mystery's 3 second rule for approaching?  Well, I got a one second rule!

Here are the Services I Provide:

  • Unlimited Demo Requests - Seeing is believing.  If you have limiting beliefs, you'll be mind blown.
    • You name it, I'll do it. (Blacks / Asians / Hispanic / White / Blonde /  Brunette / Patio Sets / Streets Sets / Dance Floor Sets /  Using Any Opener)
    • Makeouts / Lock-Ins / Isolations / Banter / Flirting
    • Getting Blown Out For Fun (If you fear rejections, I will get blown out harder than anything you will ever witness in your life and show you its not a big deal)
  • State Pump, Push You Into Set - If you're a newbie, you probably love standing around and that's a big no no.
  • Entertain and Distract Her Friends
  • Body Guard - Guys won't mess with you when I am around; yeah I'm big and buff.
  • Remind You of Next Steps While In Set - When you're doing the same thing and the girl is getting bored, I will come and whisper in your ear.
  • Introduce You To My Friends in Venues - My friends are not only good with women, they also have amazing skillsets or professions including promoters, dance instructors, other PUA coaches, dating site gurus, etc etc)
  • Debrief After - Eat, answer any questions you have, identify your sticking points, shoot the shit because talking to girls isn't serious business.

Here are the Following Sticking Points I Can Help You With:

  • Approach anxiety
  • Being Unaffected by Rejections
  • Body Language / Posture
  • Fashion
  • False Ejecting (leaving the set too early at the first sign of resistance)
  • Finding Venues (Socal / Vegas)
  • Running Out of Thing to Say
  • Self Amusement
  • Kino
  • Getting Numbers
  • Locking In
  • Isolation
  • Qualification
  • Pull / Logistics
Results / Testimonials
Here are some videos of students making amazing progress during bootcamp.  This is only a small subset of what happens on a near weekly basis.

Two students work a 2 set.  One student pulls another girl back to the condo.

Indian student's first time doing day game ever.  Gets significantly better within 2.5 hours of day game infield.

Asian student who is in his mid 40's is still getting results from girls half his age.

Student gets his first insta-date reference experience during Vegas infield. Ends up getting the lay on Saturday at Marquee Nightclub.

Student has trained with me since August, 2013.  Now has double digit lays.

Initially, what was a 30 second blowout after having the set taken over by other guys, under my guidance, the student is able to re-engage the girl and eventually pulling her out of the club.

Still not convinced?  Please visit the results / testimonial page.  Obviously I can not guarantee you a lay on a bootcamp because everyone comes with different starting skills.   For all you scientists, engineers, statisticians, from a overall grand mean point of view, in over 50% of the bootcamp weekends, one of the student pulls a girl outside of the venue.  Also, 60% of the students have gotten laid within 2 months from taking a bootcamp.  I have a private Facebook page in which other students can confirm.

The training application is for serious enquirers only.  Since I put in a lot of effort on quality training, I only want quality students.  This does not apply to your current skill level but your work ethics.  If you're not expecting to go out a minimum of 2 nights per week or 8 nights a month then it is pointless to get training.  If you're the type of person who is constantly hanging out with your friends, or celebrating birthday parties, or setting up your day 2's on Fridays and Saturdays instead of dedicating to cold approach doing 15 - 20 sets per night, you are not ready for a coaching.  I can only fit 12 people per month on my schedule so I want to pick the ones that really want to change.

As with success with anything.  Do your homework.  Know the timing and dates you want to get training (check my availability).  Make sure you have cleared with your boss if you have odd work schedules.  Check the costs of flights, hotels, etc.  Here is a rough cost guideline for a Friday - Sunday bootcamp (2 nights).  If you have insufficient funds, create an Excel spreadsheet and figure out how much you need to save per month before taking the training.

Flight:  Check airline
Hotel:  Plan for $200
Club Cover:  Plan for $110 (may be cheaper)
Food: At least 50$

Of course Vegas has accommodations from the thrifty to the extremely wealthy.  If you want to spend additional money, that is completely up to you.

Complete the application form in the link below and get a free 30 minute phone or Skype consultation:
(All information are confidential)

Sign Up For Training

One Time Training
Deposit ($500) / Total ($997)

Continuous Training
Some people may require more than one iteration of training.  The following options allow you to take training one weekend per month or one weekend every other month.  The benefit of long term coaching is more consistency and accountability.  This minimizes reversion after taking your first infield.  Since there are less paper work on my end, students in long term training will receive 10% off.  The minimum commitment for continuous training is 3 infields.  This is 3 months for monthly training, and 6 months for every other month training.

Once A Month Training
897$ per month (10% off)

Once Every Two Month Training
447$ per month (10% off)

Pictures for Online Dating Profile

Don't be that typical guy who takes a terrible self portrait of himself in the bathroom mirror using a cell phone while wearing an oversized t-shirt.  Profile pictures like this gets you instantly deleted.

**Don't be this guy!**

I have been doing photography for many years.  I have PRO Canon SLR camera with a 50mm 1.4 aperture lens, perfect for portrait photography.  You can find my ModelMayhem page here:

I have also gone on numerous dates from using PlentyofFish and Okcupid.  My pictures are so solid that I can many times number close with just 3-4 messages.  Good pictures are the bread and butter of online dating.  It is probably the number one investment for online profile.  It is not uncommon that girls get so many messages that they filter and delete simply based on the profile picture alone.  Get the best pictures you can.  Its also important to note there is good photography and there is good photography that builds attraction.  By being a photographer who does cold approach and online dating, the pictures are going to be much more relevant to what you are trying to achieve.

Here are some of my sample pictures:

My package: $150
  • 5 pictures total
    • 1 casual dressed
    • 1 formal dressed
    • 1 of you doing a hobby/sport
    • 2 outdoors
We will be taking multiple pictures for each scenario at multiple angles.  Afterwards, I will send you the pictures in which you pick the ones you like.  I will then proceed to edit them in Adobe Lightroom.

Apply in the link below:

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I am not interested in being a formal PUA coach.  I have a decent job and this is more of a hobby of mine.  I do have a recommendation if training is something you're interested in.

Almost nobody gets good by themselves, it’s a long hard path.  I knew the PUA scene and started reading materials as early as 2006 but I was a keyboard jockey for 4 years.  That was how bad my approach anxiety was.  Fortunately I met DJ Fuji at the 2010 PUA Summit.  I trained under him for about over a year.  Over the course of a year, I have gotten disgustingly good but I have also seen the improvements of his students.  Virtually all of his students are approach machines.  There is a drastic difference between his students and dudes who frequent other PUA forums and its that they are always in set talking to a girl.  In addition, a lot of his students are challenging students who tend to come from minority backgrounds, so if you're not a tall blonde, Abercrombie looking model, he is the man for you.

One of the things a lot of people comment on about me is that I am well rounded.  People ask me how I come up with the coolest banter lines, how I am able to plow through challenging sets, or how I always seem to have interesting hobbies.  This is truly the fundamental skills that I had developed while training with DJ Fuji.  I took improv comedy classes, I traveled, I worked on my fashion, I took acting classes, I hung out with all sorts of interesting people.   The great thing about solid game is that it works anywhere whether its a frat party, a social circle setting, a high end Hollywood club, or some business event.

A lot of people are fixated by Flash Game.  They see a video of some instructor getting instant make outs and they think its cool and that its the epitome of game.  Its not.  Just because they can get girls themselves does not mean they make a great coach.  A lot of these young instructors are just kids who got good.   They are highly irresponsible and they have gaping holes in the other areas of their life.  Some are in their mid 30's and they still live in a van!  What I respect about DJ Fuji is that he is an all around solid guy that you can learn life lessons from.  My understanding of computers, photography, business, websites, and marketing all have increased from hanging out with him and hes a PUA instructor!  Don't let the hair fool you, its just his signature look.

Hes ranked top 15 PUA Coaches of 2012

Hes one of the best public speakers, you can find him year after year at the 21 Convention:

For further information about training, the link can be found here.  Let him know Squattincassanova sent you there.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Strip Club Cocktail Waitress

Opened her at a Pho restaurant in Vegas around 5am.  She was sitting by herself with her work dress on.  She is kind of an older Eastern European woman.  Probably born in Europe and moved to America to chase the American dream and ended up in Vegas.

I always been a fan of seated sets and did really good with girls opening them while they were eating.  Once you sit down, you were with the group.  Plus with eating and chewing, it takes some of the pressure off the occasional silences.

I think if I met her in the strip club, I would have no way in hell gotten her number.  Guys who do strip club game keep telling me this that if you want to pick them up, go to the restaurant near by when they get off work so that they are not in the work mentality of putting you in the customer frame.

Maybe I can convince her to go hike the grand canyon with me.  We'll see.  I can't think of anything more awesome than a scenic hike with a pretty girl and my camera.  Hopefully we at least be good friends and she shows me the inside world of what goes down in a top Vegas strip club!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Too Much Interest

Is it just me or any time a girl shows way more interest in me than I am to her, its a sudden turn off for me.  Sometimes I'll be into another girl who on paper isn't even that beautiful or has that amazing of a personality but simply because they have been unavailable.  My friend told me during text he always waits 2x as long on the response time.  I think it has merit when you are just vibing with the girl. I would break that rule if its logistical related issues.