Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I am not interested in being a formal PUA coach.  I have a decent job and this is more of a hobby of mine.  I do have a recommendation if training is something you're interested in.

Almost nobody gets good by themselves, it’s a long hard path.  I knew the PUA scene and started reading materials as early as 2006 but I was a keyboard jockey for 4 years.  That was how bad my approach anxiety was.  Fortunately I met DJ Fuji at the 2010 PUA Summit.  I trained under him for about over a year.  Over the course of a year, I have gotten disgustingly good but I have also seen the improvements of his students.  Virtually all of his students are approach machines.  There is a drastic difference between his students and dudes who frequent other PUA forums and its that they are always in set talking to a girl.  In addition, a lot of his students are challenging students who tend to come from minority backgrounds, so if you're not a tall blonde, Abercrombie looking model, he is the man for you.

One of the things a lot of people comment on about me is that I am well rounded.  People ask me how I come up with the coolest banter lines, how I am able to plow through challenging sets, or how I always seem to have interesting hobbies.  This is truly the fundamental skills that I had developed while training with DJ Fuji.  I took improv comedy classes, I traveled, I worked on my fashion, I took acting classes, I hung out with all sorts of interesting people.   The great thing about solid game is that it works anywhere whether its a frat party, a social circle setting, a high end Hollywood club, or some business event.

A lot of people are fixated by Flash Game.  They see a video of some instructor getting instant make outs and they think its cool and that its the epitome of game.  Its not.  Just because they can get girls themselves does not mean they make a great coach.  A lot of these young instructors are just kids who got good.   They are highly irresponsible and they have gaping holes in the other areas of their life.  Some are in their mid 30's and they still live in a van!  What I respect about DJ Fuji is that he is an all around solid guy that you can learn life lessons from.  My understanding of computers, photography, business, websites, and marketing all have increased from hanging out with him and hes a PUA instructor!  Don't let the hair fool you, its just his signature look.

Hes ranked top 15 PUA Coaches of 2012

Hes one of the best public speakers, you can find him year after year at the 21 Convention:

For further information about training, the link can be found here.  Let him know Squattincassanova sent you there.


  1. u ever seen dj fuiji in field? i never seen him in field , sounds like a keyboard jockey to me

  2. Not at all. I seen him at over 15 bootcamps. The guy destroys me in verbal conversations. He demos for his students. Unfortunately, without a wireless microphone, watching pickup is actually quite boring since most of the stuff is in comfort.

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    1. Sup Alpha Wolf! Read your Seduce with Style ebook. Great stuff!