Sunday, March 31, 2013

Keep Your Fridge Stocked

One of the funniest guys on YouTube talks about how to keep his fridge stocked.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Video of the Week: Hollywood Pornstar Sets

As promised, here is the video!

Here is the summary.  Basically I am in the middle of a 2-set that a couple of guys in the industry tried to recruit but they end up failing.  One girl looked like she might be interested for the gig but the other girl heavily opposed.  Basically the guy wasn't able to frame control her and instead, pissed her off even more.  Instead of reframing and addressing her morals and her beliefs, they just highlighted the money and the fact that the dude gets with a lot of girls.  It didn't work obviously... she stormed away.

Some additional thoughts for the night.  A lot of these girls in Hollywood are straight up status and money seekers.  You absolutely have to DHV and make yourself be perceived as someone important, famous, or rich.  Seriously just straight up lie.  Who cares? Everyone in Hollywood is fake anyways (generalizing).  Can you win these sets with pure game?  Perhaps.  But you're going to need a LOT of game because these girls aren't in that mental head space when they are going out.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Improving Cold Reading

Having problems cold reading and finding things in your surroundings to talk about?  Just read posts on the Miscellaneous section of  The amount of observations and things people find to talk about in a single picture are amazing.

For example:

Took a picture and posted there for the lulz.  Read the comments section.  Quite entertaining.  Just don't spend TOO much time on there.  Its a time trap.

Oh, btw if you like my picture taking skills and would like to get legit photography done so you can get girls on dating sites, see my photography link above.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Everyone Is So Exotic!

I go to a club and there's tons of exotic girls.  I'm trying to figure out why.  I'm not like talking about the typical HB type, I'm talking about big booty of epic proportions.  Sure enough, it was a party for pornstars and guys recruiting lol.  Even bumped into the guy on the right (not putting in names).  Hes trying to recruit this girl I am trying to game.  Thank goodness I didn't make out with anyone lol, did not want to catch anything. I also met another pornstar couple, the girl is from Honduras.  Its funny if they never told me, I would have never known.  A lot of people treat pornstars and strippers like they're from another planet but if you talk to them, they sound like regular girls.  I'm gong to upload some videos later this week once I get them edited.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This Guy is My Hero

I used to think my life was bad.  I blamed it on my parents, on my circumstances, everything but me.

  • I moved to the US when I was 6 and I couldn't speak English then, boo hoo.
  • My parents never let me out of the house to socialize and I had to study every day wah wahh.
  • My dad always compared me to other elite kids and I never had self confidence and I was a hater.
  • My parents were never affectionate towards each other and I never learned how to flirt or vibe with girls.
  • In college I had to study engineering and work 3 part time jobs and I never was able to meet girls or have the typical college experience.

Blah blah blah blah blah, the list goes on and on.

Then I intern for a PU coach and holy shit, I do not have it bad at ALL.  Some of these guys stutter, have Aspergers, never kissed a girl, have extreme physical and mental learning disorders.  For a lot of guys, its not even about having SNLs or MLTRs, for some, even getting a number or a 5 minute conversation is a challenging feat.  And here I was, a 6'1 tall, well educated guy with good physique complaining about past experiences that have no fucking impact on the current situation.

Good thing after 2 months of sarging all that shit just left me.  Good riddance, looking back, I can't believe how much of a bitch I was.  We all have different starting points.  And yes, some of you might have it harder than others.  That's just a fact.  Life isn't fair.  You could be working out for a whole year, and some genetically gifted Black guy could go to the gym for the first time and out lift you.  No matter how hard you may think you have it, someone had it harder and succeeded.  I'm sure most of you have seen these pictures, but I thought I would still share it.  His name is Nick Vujicic.  Look him up, his life story is nothing short of inspirational.  If he can get a wife like that and you don't, you're clearly not working hard enough.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Current Books

Being interesting means knowing a lot of shit (I know you be 'mirin my vocab).  Part of that is from living life and part of it is acquired through reading.

I only read non fiction books, preferably short stories that gives you a new perspective or new factual information that can be stored. I have a rather short attention span.  Best examples are Malcolm Gladwell books and also Freakonomics.  I love that stuff.  Knowing how the world works is amazing.  Its funny when I review my recorded conversations with girls, I notice awesome sound bytes that appears to magically come out of nowhere but in reality, it comes from the books I read.  Stop reading stupid shit on forums from dumb 15 year old newbs and read from authors who have 1000+ reviews on Amazon.   I know this is crazy, but I find these authors to be much more entertaining and they actually proof read their grammar and spelling!

Current books I'm reading (actually listening to the audiobook because I live in my car)

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

China Road: A Journey into the Future of a Rising Power

Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever

Friday, March 8, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Types of PUAs

Here are the main types of PUAs out there:

 1.  The Keyboard Jockey / Wallflowers
They are always talking about theory and tends to be annoying and awkward as fuck.  Since these people never go out, they never have real life stories to tell.  Also, they criticize you on the stupidest shit even though you are already making out with a girl.  "Yo dude, your angle was off by 10 degrees!  You're showing too much interest!".  Yeah, its hard to hang with these guys, please ditch them.  A lot of these guys never get good and end up bitter and quit.

2.  Normal Dabblers
These guys are relatively normal but they aren't serious about pickup.  They go out with their buddies and maybe open 2-3 sets for the night and call it quits.  There is nothing really special about this group.  Because their lack of ambition and number of sets opened, these guys usually never get good.

3.  The Uncalibrated Approach Machines
These guys are what you call synthetics however they never learn from their mistakes.  They tend to only have PU friends and lack a social circle.  They are more advanced than the keyboard jockeys because they actually approach but their sets tend to not go very far because they creep girls out.  The lack of normal friends and social circle prevent them from being chill, normal, and have the ability to vibe.  These guys have shed off most of their approach anxiety however when they approach girls they come across usually way too high energy and usually open with stupid high fives, the RSD claw techniques, and spin moves that usually makes the girls feel uncomfortable.  Best cure for them is to hang out with naturals or synethetics that are much more advanced.

4.  The Naturals
These guys always seem to be able to get girls and pull but whenever you ask them a question, they give you a stupid broad generalized answer.  These guys aren't true PU per se but you see a lot of them in the club.  Its always great to befriend naturals as they tend to have a larger social circle.  Naturals tend to have humor, good looks, and also are generally very calibrated.  They tend to not open a lot of sets like typical PU guys but rather look for indicators of interest and approach invitation from girls that appear to already be into them.  Using good looks and preselecting girls who already like them, they tend to be more efficient.  Its simply the law of least effort.  Never ask naturals to give break downs of your specific questions or sticking points.  They won't be able to answer them.  Simply observe and learn from naturals through mirroring; it’s the best way to learn from them.  You can learn a lot of vibing, humor, inner game, and being chill from naturals.  Befriending naturals can be hard.  They already have rich, good looking, or high status friends.  You have to find something of value to provide them or else there is no reason for them to hang out with you.  Everyone has options.

5.  Advanced Synthetics
These guys are what you call guys who started off as synthetics but eventually became good.  They tend have both hardcore synthetic friends but they also a lot of natural friends.  Learning from both groups, you get the best of both words.  The synethetics provide influences on core concepts, theories, and the structure of game while the naturals provide elements of vibing, being chill, and natural humor.  Advanced synthetics usually have dropped routines and are capable of organic conversations.  From the outside, they look like naturals in the way they talk, but you know they started off not being one because they still use PU terminology.  Obviously when it comes to learning PU, advanced synthetics are the ones you definitely want to make friends with.