Friday, May 31, 2013

Weekly Thursday In-Field Video - Good Wing / Bad Wing

Here is more street footage of me winging my friend.  The first set is where I was the bad wing and the next set was me being the good wing.

I was able to get 3rd person footage as well as color in this video in addition to the first person camera so there is double view!   Took a long time to edit, hope you guys enjoy it.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Acquire Inherent Value

When ever you get into conversations on PUA forums.  There is always the discussion of whether or not looks, wealth, fashion, lifestyle matters.  You will always meet a subset of hardcore keyboard jockeys who tell you that "Game" is the only thing that matters.  I hate dogmatic keyboard jockeys.  This is what they will tell you:

"I know a guy who dress like shit and still gets laid"
"I know a guy who lives in a van and still gets girls"
"I know a guy who never showers and he still pulled"

First of all, learn some math, statistics, and experimental design bro.  Just because you find one outlier, it does not prove a trend.  Just because one short guy is good at basketball, doesn't mean height does not give you an advantage.  Just because someone smoked for 40 years and is alive does not prove that smoking isn't bad for you.

Second of all, while it might be true that some of these guys do actually get girls, they tend to have significantly higher than average game.  Essentially, they are making up for the lack of value with disproportionate amount of game.  Its like a plant that doesn't get enough sunlight, but happens to have a lot of fertilizer to compensate.

Third of all, "Game" is a tool.  It is not intended as a be-all-end-all fix to everything in life.  You can't just use game to patch a shitty life.  Why do you think naturals tend to care about their health, their fashion, and their life style?  Why do you think Jersey Shore guys focus on Gym, Tan, and Laundry?  Its because it works.  I wouldn't call these three things complete and I still consider them to be retarded bone heads but these traits are still inherent value.  Why tell DHV stories to make you appear to have pre-selection when you can just have a physical presence that speaks for you?  I don't need to run DHV stories to talk about how active I am.  I don't need DHV stories to tell girls I am healthy.  She can just use her eyeballs.

I understand that when you start out, you do need to fake it till you make it.  However I feel that over the course of the last few years, I see so many guys and wings out there not working on their lifestyle at ALL.  I see guys writing posts about how to take a girl on a day 2 but can't afford parking or even a five dollar frozen yogurt.  WTF man.  Even if you can get the girl, you're not going to keep the girl.  Acquire inherent value brah.  Once you do, you don't need to run DHV since most of the time it appears contrived.  Once you acquire inherent value, pretty much everything that comes out of your mouth is a DHV, but except you're not coming from the frame of trying to impress a girl.  More about DHV stories in a later post.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Little Pony

One of my students recently got a house about a few miles from his parent's place.  WIN.  A location to actually pull.  I had been harping for him to move out for months.  You just can't be a man when you live at home... I can't stress this enough, especially if you're Asian.  Asian parents hold you back like no other and they want you to stay at home!  If you're in Pickup and you're over 18, your first priority should be finding out how to move out of your parent's place.

Unfortunately, his mom got him My Little Pony curtains right in the front of the house next to the porch on the big windows facing the lawn.  When I saw those curtains a few months back, I was like dude... you should probably remove those curtains ASAP.  What did he do?  He left those curtains there as is.

Fast forward 2 months.  He takes this girl out on a date that he met on PlentyOfFish.  The girl was a few years older... not by a lot, perhaps 3-4 years.  Just enough age gap for her to give him shit tests hehe.  So with my few months of training, he was able to pull her back to his place on a day 2.  Guess what?  The girl sees his fucking My Little Pony curtains... and NO FUCKING LAY!  Later on in the week, he showed me his text message and sure enough, the girl made fun of his curtains.  How did I predict this many many months ago?

What is the moral of the story?  Take a look around your god damn house.  Remove any items that make you look like a FOREVER ALONER... especially when you're taking an older women out.  You need to act more sophisticated and project that image.  This means no Star Trek figures, no Legos Blocks, no Bambi DVDS.  Seriously guys, stop cock blocking yourself.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekly Thursday In-Field Video - Hollywood Street Game, Latina Pickup!

The habit of approach is so ingrained that we even do pickup as we walk from the club back to our parked car.

The other benefit of street game is that you can hear the sets much better!  I sent one of my students to wing me but he just stood there in front of my camera and barely talking to the girls... giving me 5 hours of additional video editing and face blurring.  Thanks LOL.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Debbie Downers

I'm on a blog roll!

If you can't tell.  I'm a fucking goof ball.  I'm pretty happy in general.  One contributing factor on how I got good was because I am self amused and I generally have a good time when I go out.  This kept me consistent over the long run.  But one thing I hate is people who are always negative around me or are always complaining or highlighting their problems.

I fucking hate that shit.  If you say two negative things in a row without a positive, a bell rings in my head and I just want to not ever talk to you anymore.  I will call you out on it and tell you to stop immediately.

I can see why people do it though.  By talking about their problems they feel like they can get sympathy and it almost lets them take the responsibility out of their hands because they broadcast it to the world.  But lets be real here, unless we are your parents or super long time friends, most people you interact with don't give a shit.  Seriously!  Nobody give a shit.  We all go our own problems to deal with.  If you talk shit on my Channel and think I am going to give you legit advice, you're funny.  I'm just going to troll you, forget about it, do something else and then go on my regular day.

Here is a better suggestion.  Instead of talking about your problems, always be complimenting on whatever skill your friends or acquaintances are good at.  If I see a buff guy at the gym, I give him props for being jacked.  If I see a guy with lots of money, I compliment him on his financial acumen.  If I see a player at the club better than me, I high five him and buy him a drink instead of the hot girl next to him lol.

There are two things you need to know.  People love to talk about whatever the fuck they are good at.  And people love compliments.  I love it when a random newb calls me out in the club and tells me I have great game and ask me a few questions.  I always give some advice.  It makes me feel great too.  Nothing makes you feel like king awesome by demoing in front of a buncha newbs, seriously!  If you show genuine interest, compliment, and are willing to listen, people love to tell you all sorts of stuff.  However, you still need to follow these guidelines.

  • Don't argue, just listen.  High value people are busy, they ain't got time for arguing.
  • If they give you something, don't just keep sucking value and ask more and more.  Be happy with what you get, its fucking free.  Nobody is obligated to give you anything.
  • Sound really excited.
  • Be in a general happy vibe and always provide whatever value you can give.  Trade value!  If I want to learn how to make money, and I know a rich guy who wants to learn game... boom! Mutual exchange and sharing!  Win/Win.

In my opinion, good habits/ role models and great friends to mirror off of are the TWO biggest contributors of success.  If you don't go out at least 2x a week, open 15 sets a night, and if you don't have friends in pickup that are constantly getting laid.  GOOD FUCKING LUCK.  For me, I had both.  I went out 2x a week for 2 years straight.  That's 100+ weekends!  And I had DJ Fuji as my coach, but I also had many friends in pickup with 50+ lays.  Now you've read this post, hopefully you can find some.  There are a lot of naturals out there just as good as any other seasoned PUAs.

Cool guys are kind of like hot girls.  You can game them to helping you out as well... in a non homo way of course. :).  Don't worry about me though.  I can't be gayed out.  For one, I surf so I have a high tolerance to gayness, and for two, I squat 400 pounds so my ass is pretty much rock solid tight and impenetrable.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Last weekend, a girl came to visit me from Seattle.  She was still in college and booked the plane ticket with her own money.  I am thinking to my self, fuarkkk what a stud I am for a girl to pay her own ticket while being a broke ass college student.

I had opened this set way back in July 2011, nearly two years ago when I was in Seattle.  This was 6 months into PU and I had gotten a D2 LR with her.  Between then and now, she had gotten a boyfriend.  Of course through these two years, I kept in touch with her.  Maybe every 2-3 months I would give her a call and it was always a good time.  I was that aloof, fun, non-needy guy who lived in Cali.  I guess her bf was on her computer one day and saw my FB message.  She had asked me what I was doing and being the typical trolling self, I told her I was naked.  Long story short, her bf demanded her to block me on Facebook.  She complied, I was put on block.  But I still had her phone number!

I had asked another girl to visit me in May and due to some recent family tragedies and cancer scare, the other girl flaked on me.  That other girl also lived in Seattle.  Since I already booked a hotel, I sent a few texts to different people to see if they took the bite and this girl took it.

People in the game have always told me about this.  Once a girl breaks up with you, she sure is going to spill the beans and talk a lot of shit about you while laying in bed with some other guy.  This had happened to me with the last three girls.  All three had controlling and clingy guys.  Sure enough, after sex, all the stuff  came out.  The girl's stories about these dudes made you want to cringe.  I asked this girl what was the most number of times he has called her.  She said "Over 200 times in one day".  She told me how he would randomly come over to her house uninvited and how he would check up on her Facebook.  I am a typical MISC detective and I have checked out the dude before.  It wasn't like he was a total forever aloner.  He had 2000+ Facebook friends and he had a group of other girls who were always surrounding him.  This just shows that you can seem cool, have a big social circle, and still be chody as hell on the inside.  On a related story; my college roommate had sex with this girl across the hall in the dorms while she was dating this other guy who was popular, and the bf still cried and tried to get her to go back with him.  She said "when a guy cries in front of you, its sooo unattractive and when he repeatedly says I love you, its just disgusting".

Once a girl cheats on you, its mother fucking DONE.  If you ask her to come back, she will lose even more respect for you and shes just going to do it again.  Whats my point?  Only cold approach will make a you a cold, icy, gangster.  People who keep saying "I'm going to work on social circle game, before cold approach game", I tell you fuck that shit.  Do cold approach.  Eating rejections is what makes you a bad ass.  There is no ways around it and stop trying to take an easy way out, there is no easy way.

She kept telling me that shes has no feelings for him anymore, and shes only somewhat talking to him is to help him ease the pain.  I told her that if she kept talking to him, hes going to hold on to that hope and its going to keep linger on and make it worse.  I could empathize with what he is going through though.  I told her that I was just like that with my ex gf.  I had not become who I am now until my ex had fully blocked me via phone, email, Facebook, everything.  All glimmer of hope was gone.  I had no choice but to learn game and transform.  Everyone learns game when they are at a low point, everybody.

To be honest, 2.5 years into the game, I have fundamentally changed.  When you don't think about it logically, its easy to think that I had been cool my whole life.  Psychologically, we assume our current identify as something we have had all along.  Take my physique for example, its easy to think I have always had this body... sure feels like it.  Obviously this is not true.  Thinking harder however, I realized, holy shit, I used to behave just like her recent ex boyfriend.  I used to call my gf repeatedly after she cheated on me.  I used to beg and guilt trip her into coming back.  When a relationship is about to break and you want to fix it, the best thing to do is to work on yourself and spend less time calling her.  You may be able to save a sinking boat or you may not; you won't know for sure.  But by being needy is like putting gasoline on a burning ship and you just end up chasing her away like a cat.

Anyways, back to last weekend.  It is still a mind fuck.  The girl knows I'm a player but she didn't care.  She came to LA to have fun, visit the beaches, take a bunch of pictures, and bang my brains out.  The body of a 20 year old is just unreal.  Its so damn tight and naturally toned.  When I had met her, she was 18!  She told me she was 21 at the time because we were outside of a bar.  I'm sure if the other dude found out, he would want to beat the shit out of me.  Although I empathize, I don't feel bad.  There is something I noticed.  Some times it is hard for a girl to break away from a guy shes been with for awhile but no longer has any feelings for anymore.  My ex was like that too and it was a constant on and off.  How do they attempt to break it?  By doing something like sleeping with someone else.  To my readers, does this resonate with anyone else?  Its like an attempt for them to sever all ties and some times, it may even be with a random guy just to get it out of their system.  I have never seen physical escalation happen so damn fast in the hotel, my gawd.

But hey man, that's life dude.  Like David DeAngelo said, "Attraction isn't a Choice".  Just be glad you're still young and hopefully you learn all this stuff before you're 40, middle aged, and locked down in a shitty marriage.

Monday, May 13, 2013

In Field Footages

For all you guys who are curious as to how I get my awesome in-field video footages, here is how I do it.

Haha, just kidding.  Saw this guy in Santa Monica talking to a girl.  No clue what hes doing...

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Neediness, that shit is repulsive... even when girls do it.

Always be coming from the frame of providing value and not taking value.  If you ask a girl to hang out, its because you're doing something really cool and amazing and she would enjoy being in your presence.  Never ask a girl to spend time with you because you're lonely at night.  Even if you really are lonely, don't show it!  Fake it till you make it.  Same is true if you're a girl (for the 0.0001% of my audience lol)

Oh, and looks matter, groom yourself.

Monday, May 6, 2013

2013 Ultimate Pickup Artist Convention (Hollywood / LA)

It was only three years ago around this time when I was at a really sad point in my life.  Fortunately, I found and within a month, I went to this convention hosted in Southern California.  From there, I met my mentor and things changed for the better and I never looked back.  That convention was the exact point which sparked my change.  I would like to think all my changes were because of my own accomplishments and hard work but its amazing how many people helped me along the way to give me guidance and most of all, a push.

Since then, I have been involved with this convention every year and this year is the first year that I will be presenting!  I will keep you guys posted on what my topic will be later.  My name on Casanovacrew is Enthalpy.

The convention this year is on September 13 - 15 from Friday through Sunday in Hollywood California.

The talent here is amazing.  Half of the people here are from the classic book "The Game" including Tyler Durden (RSD / The Game), Matador (VH1 The Pickup Artist / The Game), Hypnotica, Brad P, DJ Fuji, Psych, the list continues.  Pickup is very broad and this is a great way to see it from different perspectives.  I personally believe that different methods and techniques work for different people and nothing applies to every situation.  By seeing the whole spectrum, it gives you a better understanding of the big picture and it also prevents you from being a "Guru Worshiper".  Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, why not take the positives from everyone and incorporate it into your own style of game?

The event is three full days jam packed with nearly 30 speakers.  Right now the cost is only $157.  Considering how so many weekend bootcamps cost $1500 to $2000, this is nearly a tenth of the cost.  It is probably the best valued program out there.  Ever want to get feedback on a coach you think is legit?  Ask about what other coaches think about them!  The industry is pretty small so gossip does get passed around.  People from the industry can give you much better recommendations than what some KJ from an internet forum thinks.

I am going to be honest with you.  I am friends with the host of the event, JTR from Casanovacrew.  Heck, even my YouTube channel was influenced by Casanovacrew.  In returning the favor of having me speak on stage, I told JTR I would help him promote the event.  However, I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't think this convention is amazing, just look at how it affected me.  To find more information and sign up for the event, go to the link below.  Please make sure to use this specific link so I get credit.  In return as a favor to you, during the Saturday of the convention, I will take everyone who signed up to dinner (tabs on me) and answer any questions you guys have.  Once you signed up for the event, shoot me an email at (check spelling).

2013 Ultimate Pick Up Artist Convention

And more guests speakers.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Using Facebook for Background Check

A lot of times, even after getting the number, I will add her on Facebook just to check her out.  I was in Vegas and this set was just going way too fast, alarms were going off in my head.

Shes Asian and I only usually bump into Black and Latina hookers but could she be?  How could it be going this fast?  We were walking out of the club within 20 minutes.  Where are her friends?  Shes by herself.

We go up to the Cosmopolitan elevator and into my room.  There was just something that didn't feel right.  I added her on the spot on Facebook.  She accepted via her Iphone.  I quickly go over her pictures, wall statuses, and her friends list.  We have one mutual friend in common.   He was a fellow engineer.  Whewwww.  Good to go.

If you're getting the Facebook instead of the number close because you're scared, then yes you're beta.  But if you already have the phone number, feel free to add her on FB to get more information and also put your face in her memory.  You would be surprised, I have added girls on FB and they end up hitting me up.  Yes, you need to actively manage your FB page to have cool pictures and status updates and yes you need your FB pictures to help DHV yourself.