Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Website and Hour Long Pull Video

Sorry for not updating this blog the last few weeks.  I been busy working on a new website and also I've been editing this hour and 20 minute long pull video from beginning to end.  The blurring is taking forever and I am working on the captioning which is also very time consuming.  I'm targeting to get everything out in a month or so.  In the mean time, enjoy the weekly videos.  I'm trying to get 2 per week now.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Quick Pickup Tip #3 - Escalators, Elevators, Store Entrances

Especially during day game, try to predict where the girl is heading. Anticipate and avoid opening near obstacles like escalators, elevators, and entrances to shops.

This is probably a no-brainer once you think about it but I see it happen a lot with students.  If you open right in front of an escalator, it is a disruption.  People tend to not want to block other people and therefore she has pressure to move out of the way.  This combined with a day game non social environment makes it twice as hard to stop a set.  You want to stop a girl right away during the opening otherwise you end up following her around like a creeper.

If you anticipate her heading towards an escalator or the entrance of a store, either run and catch up to her BEFORE she gets to the escalator (at least 15 feet prior) OR you keep your distance and wait till both of you are off the escalator, walk another 15 feet and THEN approach.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How To Look Sexy and Confident In Pictures

For all you guys who love PlentyofFish, OkCupid, Match, Tinder, Instagram, and Facebook game... here is a great video on how to make your face photogenic and get more dates.

Peter Hurley is one of my few top Photographers on YouTube.  This video shows a great facial technique and it only takes a few minutes to perfect.

And remember, take multiple pictures with slight angle changes and facial tweaks.  Pick the best one from many pictures.  Girls do it all the time, why can't you?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Common Sense On Seeking Advice

I would say I'm a pretty nice guy.  My level of trolling in real life is probably 100 fold less than online... at least with people I know or people I perceive as generally nice or sincere.  I wouldn't say I am famous... far from it... but usually on a night out in a Vegas club, I get called out maybe a few times.  Even when I am maxed out with 3 students, I will still take a few minutes to say hi and have a quick chat.  Usually people ask if I am Squattincassanova and mention a few things in a particular video they like and they share some info about themselves. I give them a few tips and so forth.

Then, you also get guys shown in the example below.

Seriously, WTF is this shit? If you want knowledge / value / feedback from someone, its common sense to do some background research and at least show to that person that you are serious and committed.   Its just common courtesy.

Lets say for an example that you're applying for med school and you go to a particular university and the interviewer asks you about why you want to apply at this university and you didn't even know the name of the fucking school let alone why you like it.  Is that a slap in the face or what?

This is why so many pickup guys fail.  They do very little background work or provide value themselves and they expect other people to just provide endless value in return.   A lot of times its a "me me me" mentality.  This is the very reason why guys who are good with game are always driven away from lairs.

On the flip side, there are also people who do background research, read my blogs, figure out what I want, and in exchange offer value in other forms whether its marketing, interning, video work, various other forms of knowledge that I don't have.  I will admit, there are a lot of things in this world that I don't know much about.  I have noticed that a lot of guys who do pickup coaching end up with hanging out and mingling with other successful people who initially don't have game but have strengths in other areas such as business, marketing, and other entrepreneurship.

The other thing I have noticed is that people who are willing to pay for bootcamps generally are BETTER people to hang out with and coach than people who expect it for free.  The average person who had paid for my bootcamp has been significantly better quality than the average guys I meet in lairs and I have been to a lot of lairs.  Why is this the case?  They are investing money, time, and also travel so they are likely to be more serious.  They tend to be more hard working and are more career oriented.  They are likely to be doing something with their lives.

So in a nutshell, the next time when seeking advice from people, give them some respect by doing some background work and think of certain strengths that you have and offer value so that its a win/win situation.  This guy above asked me how he can search for me on YouTube when my fucking link is on my Facebook profile and not to mention my Facebook name is the exact same as my YouTube channel and my location is listed on Facebook as well.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Taboo - Best Game To Improve Verbals

That's right, I'm the only guy cool enough to tell you to play a 13 year+ board game.  The game Taboo is one of my all time favorite board games and it will improve your verbals and pickup skills.

Its both word association and concept associate at the same time.  You try to get your friend to guess a word without using the 5 most common words listed on the card.  It forces you to use synonyms, ideas, concepts to help your friend guess the word.

The video does a good job at explaining.

Here is another example.

Word is:  Camera

You can't use the following words:

So what are ways to get around these words?  You quickly start generating a few ideas.  No camera manufacturers are listed so you can start by those.
  • Nikon
  • Canon
  • Sony
You can't use "picture" but what about components of a picture?
  • Megapixels
  • Resolution
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • Focus
  • Lighting
  • White Balance
Components of a camera are not listed so what are some words we can use there?
  • Lens
  • Flash
  • Batteries
  • LCD Screen
  • Timer
  • Tripod
  • Filters
What about names of famous photographers who use this item?
  • Ansel Adams
  • Peter Lik
What about websites and programs that you can use?
  • Flickr
  • Facebook
  • Picasa
  • Lightroom

I'm obviously going overboard to make some extra examples.  Hopefully your teammate should have guessed this a long time ago.  If not, punch him in the face and make some smarter friends.  Hopefully this example I provided shows how a simple board game can drastically improve your verbal and mental ability to network many words, ideas, and concepts.  Its great for making your conversations more interesting, more specific, and you never run out of things to say.

Find a group of 4 or more friends and do this on a chill night.  Girls are welcome too so it doesn't have to be a circle jerk of pickup guys.

Link below if you want to get one:

Monday, June 2, 2014

Quick Pickup Tip #2

If you're pulling a girl and she lost her phone or her phone battery died or her friend has her phone and its seriously distracting her and affecting your ability to pull, one option is to quickly offer to get her friends number and assure her that she can contact her friends if she needs to get a hold of them.  Then attempt to isolate her and go for the pull. 

Reason & Background Story:
I don't know what it is but almost on a nightly basis, I find girls losing their phone, dropping their phone, or getting it stolen.  Its happened so many times where friends and students of mine were in set and the girl loses the phone and the set was going well but then it completely goes to shit.  Maybe its because they are clumsy, maybe its because girls don't wear pants with pockets, or maybe they are dancing too much with their purse flaps open making it easy targets for thieves.

If a girl loses her phone, its probably a big ordeal and the advice here may not always work.  However, if her battery dies or her friend has her phone, this tactic works pretty well.  Just 2 weeks ago, my student was with a girl who was down but her friend had her phone.  She agreed to leave with us once she finds her friend who had the phone.  However, after walking 5 minutes around the club, she could not find the specific friend who had her phone but she bumped into her other guy friends who were also there.  Being worried that her buying temperature would drop after walking around looking for her phone so much, I suggested my student to number close the guy friend that she was there with.  I convinced the girl that her phone was safe with her other friend and that if we needed to get a hold of them, we can communicate via the guy friend.  Now obviously shes not likely going to ever use this number, but its one of those split second moments where as long as she feels "okay", she will go with it.  Needless to say, I drove them both back to my condo and he closed her on the bathroom floor.  Thanks for not getting anything on my couch LOL!

Funny thing was, my student was escalating slowly and the girl literally said "Well... I got to get back to my friends soon so lets get this over with (aka sex)".  My student was like "Wow! cool".  She was a Filipino girl.  My experience is that Filipino girls almost never have last minute resistance and they pretty much have sex on the first date.  I can recall countless times where that's happened as well as from other friends.  Do any of you readers agree?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Black Girls

I used to do some what of online game.  Not so much anymore because too many poverty chicks and so much Myspace angles.  One thing I noticed is that I get hit on by Black girls many orders of magnitude higher than any other race, even Asians!

This either leads me to conclude that Black girls either...

  1. Like Asians
  2. Like buff guys
  3. Or are just aggressive and are proactively reaching out to everyone
  4. Or a combination of above options
Take a look at my Tinder for instance.  I use a program called Tinder Auto-Liker (a program that automatically likes every girl) and this is what I get.  Of the 8 girls on the first page.  I get...

  • 4 Black girls
  • 3 Asian girls
  • 1 White girl

Black girls are roughly 10% of the girl population and yet they are 50% of all matches.

I'm not exactly into Black girls but I seriously think that a lot of them like Asian men.  One of my students also just recently closed a Black girl.  I don't really know the underlying reasons, I can only show my observations.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Elliot Rodgers And Importance of Getting Laid

Thank God this guy didn't take a bootcamp with me.  A Vegas nightclub would have been a very target rich environment.  My jeans are too tight and I have way too much camera gear in my pockets to run very fast.

I've had guys with 1000x more challenges than Elliot and still get laid.  I have guys who were 5'2 get laid.  I have had guys who spoke poor English get laid.  I have had guys who lived with their parents get laid.  Then you have this guy.... pretty face, rich, famous dad, and lives in a city with nothing but hot college girls next to one biggest party schools in the country.  What a loser.

It is my honest belief that anybody can get laid in less than a year (most people a lot less) if you're serious about it and you hang out with the right people and you have no serious mental or physical condition.   If you approach enough girls, even if you were terrible with game, statistically speaking, its inevitable you will get laid.  I would bet 1000$ that Elliot has not cold approached 1000 girls in his lifetime.  A thousand approaches could have been accomplished in less than 6 months.  If you had gotten laid every 6 months, over a 20 year period, that would have been 40 women.  The average man has 7 partners his whole life and even at that rate, its a 600% increase.

I seriously believe that getting laid just makes you a lot more of a chill person.  I used to be hater myself.  My roommate was a good looking natural back in 2008 and I would always hear him bring back hot girls and fucking across the wall.  I would always be pissed off and put on my headphones and go back to playing TF2.

Present day... if you get laid, I'm happy for you.  Congrats!  Just don't get any stains in my condo or car.  The problem with current YouTube videos is that people think pickup should be easy or a cake walk.  They think that they can read a book can be picking up 10's.  Stop being so damn picky starting off.  If you're a 5, be happy finding a girl who is also an HB5!  In the long term, work your way to becoming a 10 yourself, and try to get an HB10.

Don't tie ego to the quality of the girl you get.  Just get the lay for the sake of reference experience.  Trust me, I have seen some PUA coaches bag some ugly ass chicks.  Just look at the following picture.  My gawd she has more craters on her face than IO, the moon of Jupiter.  If you knew there were "MPUAs" still going after female Danny Trejo's, don't put so much pressure on yourself!

I also know plenty of amazingly good looking guy friends who have pulled hideous girls.  I'm talking guys who look like Chris Hemsworth pulling Rosie O'Donnell look-alikes.  Obviously as you get better in game, strive for higher quality.  However, if you have gotten less than 5 lays from cold approach pickup, you really shouldn't be so picky and opting out of freebies.  The reference experience of actually pulling and escalating is very valuable for when you actually meet a girl in the future that you really like.  By then, things should be automatic because you have done it before, you can actually enjoy the moment while managing logistics instead of micromanaging everything.  For guys with inner game issues, getting laid in itself will do more in one night than months of meditation and affirmations.

Inb4 "squattincassanova promotes talking to ugly girls" in the comments section.

Friday, May 23, 2014

New Drai's Beach Club / Night Club in Vegas

They just opened another huge nightclub in Vegas.  My fear is that its spreading the crowd too thin.  A few years ago it was just XS and Marquee.  Now, there are 5 mega clubs competing and Hakkasan and Light are terrible for pickup.

The new Drai's will be fairly interesting.  I will need to check it out myself.  First impressions is that its an outside patio which means its good for pickup.  However, by looking at the space and floor layout, its almost ALL tables or cabanas.  This is a bad thing because there is not a lot of areas to stand for those of us peasants who can't afford $10,000 a night tables.  Anyways, I'll check it out within the next few weeks and post my experiences.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Take Your Girl to This Show And You Will Get Laid

Actually I take that back.  For you to take a girl to see this show, it probably shouldn't be a first date sort of thing.  She should probably be some girl you actually really like and hopefully someone you already closed before because the tickets are between 50 to 120 dollars.  The show is Zumanity.

My roommate (former student) was going away to Chicago to be a residency doctor so me, my girl, and my roommate went to see this show.  Holy fuark this was probably the most epic and sexiest thing I've ever seen.

It's the only Cirque Du Soleil show with nudity.  Most of the girls are topless in their acrobatic performances.  There were a lot of sexual humor as well as sexual themed dances and music.   The show just sets the mood for later.  I don't get paid for advertising this; I just wanted to share because it was so amazing.

Look, shes wearing tits... and that dude is wearing a flower!