Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tip of the Day! - 8/22/2013

1.  Always be cold reading and looking for conversational restarters.
2.  Girls like to "study" with smart guys.

PS.  This is not a serious post lol.

Vocal Power

Vocal Power by Roger Love.  Look it up.

Monday, August 19, 2013

New Pickup Gear

Fuarkkkk... this coaching this is getting expensive.  Just dropped 1300$ on wireless transmitter gear and some peacock gear.  These girls will be fascinated about my dragon leather bracelet which of course I got from Bruce Lee personally and not (TBH, looks kinda gay, but its 29$, who the fuck cares!  I will report back with results!)

Oh yeah, these wireless transmitters are fucking cool.  I got 1 receiver and 3 transmitters.  Now I can hear all my students 100 feet away like a creeper.  Then when I come into set and wing these future Casanova studs, my cold read would be 100% accurate.

Walks up to a 2-set that my student opened for the last 5 minutes...

Me: "You look like a Jennifer and you look like a Sarah"
Girl: "Holy fucking shit, how did you know?"
Me: "Because I'm Squattincassanova, thats fucking how."  

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What to Say When You Give People Favors

I see this all the time.  People giving other people favors or tipping the bouncer or bartender but they never seem to be appreciated or get favors in return.

DUDE.  When you give people favors, make sure you GET CREDIT FOR IT.  Otherwise, other people take you for granted.   I see people in social circles give other people favors but nobody values it because other people assume they are just a pushover.

Then next time you give someone a BIG favor, say this:

 "I know this is a big favor I am doing for you,  if I were in the same situation in the future, you would do the same for me right?"  

People tend to be consistent with their words and actions.  Do it, and you would be surprised how well it works.

Also, when you tip the bartender or bouncer.  Make sure you ask for their name, give them your name, provide a compliment, and then tell them that you come here often and that they should remember your name.

"Whats your name?"
"I'm Mike, nice to  meet you Jason, you are a cool guy.  I come here very often because this club is awesome, make sure to remember me"

Training Scheduling (Updated Weekly)

The following is the schedule and is based on the current signups.  If a weekend is TBD, the location has not been determined and is up for grabs.  I do place Vegas on a higher priority than LA unless there are more students signed up for LA than Vegas.

I can take no more than 3 students per weekend.  The schedule lists the weekends only as it accommodates most people who work Monday through Friday.  The weekdays are also available for training in Vegas upon request.

Sept 19 - Sept 21 - Las Vegas (Open)
Sept 26 - Sept 28 - Las Vegas (Open)

Oct 2 - Oct 16 - China/Hong Kong (1on1 Oversea)

Oct 17 - Oct 19 - Las Vegas (1 Spot Left)
Oct 24 - Oct 26 - Las Vegas (Open)
Oct 31 - Nov 2 - Las Vegas (Open)  Halloween Weekend

Friday, August 9, 2013

Bromance with RSD Brad

My opener for RSD Brad: "Hey Brad, you sexy bitch, can I have your baby?"

Apparently, picking up PUAs is no different than picking up hot girls haha.  They all fall for the same shit. Surprisingly, we have a lot in common.  Both science backgrounds with extensive biology, both work out, both squat, and both beautiful.  Since he has longer hair now, I would say he has the slight advantage.   Apparently at the end of the night at Surrender in Encore, we talked about working out and protein farts.

So meeting a few of the RSD instructors were pretty cool.  HOWEVER... being in a club with 100 other PUAs is not fucking cool especially when I had 3 of my students around.  I don't blame beginners and everyone has to learn.  However... when you have that many concentrated number of PUAs in a small confined area doing set after set of blowouts, the girls get bitchy as fuck.  By the end of the night, pretty much every girl has their shield up to level 9000 and only indirect would work.  Anyways, I will talk about that in a future video.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Vegas for the Whole Week Through RSD Summit

I am in Vegas from Aug 3rd - 12th.  This also coincides with the RSD World Summit.  I was at Marquee Saturday night and funny thing, the whole RSD crew showed up.  Julien, Brad, Todd, and Ozzie were all there teaching a bootcamp.  Julien stole the sash from some bachelorette girl and ended up making out with one of her friends.

I was tempted to jump into his set and troll but his set hooked too strong haha.  I am sure we will bump into each other the next few days. I will attempt to cockblock him when he opens a set and see if I can steal his set.  If I do, I will definitely put it on YouTube lol.  This will all be in good fun of course.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Weekly In-Field Video - Self Amusement In Seattle

Was in Seattle for a week during the week of July 4th.  There are a few main places to sarge in Seattle.  Belltown, Westlake Mall, Capitol Hill, University of Washington, Bellevue Square, and maybe Greenlake or Gas Works Park.

Compared to Southern California, Seattle is pretty shitty and there aren't large venues or many good looking girls.  The good thing is that men are much less aggressive there.

So back to the topic of the video.  I am constantly self amusing myself.  One of thing things I encourage every beginner to do is go out solo.  Its is a very powerful thing to do and it forces you to open and not rely on hanging out with your friends as a safety cushion.   One of the things I learned while going solo is to self amuse myself.  Call out things that are funny out loud.  Verbalize your thoughts.  Freely compliment random strangers and give out value without anything in return.  There will always be parts of the night that don't include a lot of talking and amusing yourself is a great way to keep your state as high as possible between lulls.  It is a great way to keep yourself from being in your head.  People ask me why I am always in state... well its hard to be out of state when you're having a good time!