Monday, August 19, 2013

New Pickup Gear

Fuarkkkk... this coaching this is getting expensive.  Just dropped 1300$ on wireless transmitter gear and some peacock gear.  These girls will be fascinated about my dragon leather bracelet which of course I got from Bruce Lee personally and not (TBH, looks kinda gay, but its 29$, who the fuck cares!  I will report back with results!)

Oh yeah, these wireless transmitters are fucking cool.  I got 1 receiver and 3 transmitters.  Now I can hear all my students 100 feet away like a creeper.  Then when I come into set and wing these future Casanova studs, my cold read would be 100% accurate.

Walks up to a 2-set that my student opened for the last 5 minutes...

Me: "You look like a Jennifer and you look like a Sarah"
Girl: "Holy fucking shit, how did you know?"
Me: "Because I'm Squattincassanova, thats fucking how."  


  1. Solid! I never thought of investing in wireless transmitter, but then again- I'm not teaching tons of students (more like one-one- settings). Cool though!

  2. How do you keep the inside of your car clean?

  3. Wait wait... What are you using the baggies for? Mikes internal thought *Forget pickup, I'm selling drugs!*