Friday, November 29, 2013

10 Questions Girls Should Know About You Before Sex

I give credit to Sinn, who's pretty legit

Here it is!

  1. Your name.
  2. What you do for a living.
  3. Do you have brothers or sisters?
  4. What you do for fun.
  5. Your passions.
  6. Are you close to your family?
  7. Who are your friends, best friends, oldest friends?
  8. Whats your longest relationship?
  9. Where did you grow up?  Did you move a lot?
  10. Did you go to college?

Some general advice.  Obviously this is for guys who are able to get past attraction.  You don't want to go up to a girl and start asking and answering these questions right after the opener.  This is for guys who can sometimes pull but don't get enough comfort built up and end up in last minute resistance land.

These are just recommended and frequently brought up comfort questions so take it with a grain of salt.  Certainly, you don't have to answer all 10 before any particular girl has to have sex with you.  I've skipped 70% of these before and still able to close, but again, this is a general guideline.  If you're getting LMR, this is probably one of the reasons.

You also don't want to be going down this list like a robot, this should organically flow out in normal conversations.  I would do most of this after you have isolated the girl.  You have 1-2 hours to go through these so it shouldn't appear forced.

If you are a newbie, do not open with these questions!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Same Night Logistics

One of the most frustrating things in game are late game logistical hiccups.  Sometimes a pull can be in the bag and then its as if someone pulls the curtains right under you.

There are just so many external factors that can fuck up your pull that once you sense a girl is pullable, you need to start babysitting your set and watch them like they are literally 4 year old toddlers and definitely don't let them out of your sight.  If they need to use the bathroom, you guard the bathroom entrance!.  Again, this is the point in which you believe the girl is pullable and you are going for it.  The truth of the matter is, girls do a lot of dumb things in the club.  Almost every night I go out, I see something I want to face palm.  Here's a list of things that have happened to girls that my wing, my students, and I have been in set with.

  • Losing their phone or wallet
  • Passing out
  • Puking all over the place, including car
  • Trip over the stairs and spraining an ankle
  • Start being overly dramatic about some stupid event that happened earlier in the day
  • Complaining about their massive feet pain
  • Some other stupid thing that has happened to their friends

I find that if you play solid game, its easier to pull girls that are more sober.  Things just tend to go wrong less often.  Its not to say that girls who drink too much aren't pullable, sure they are... but a lot of times its just a pain in the ass.  Nothing kills my boner more than a pile of puke in my car...

When I say babysit, I'm talking about making sure they don't lose anything or leave anything behind.  If they had a few extra drinks, make sure to support them and not have them trip over stairs or hurt themselves.  Prevent them from drinking too much if you can anticipate that happening.

Here is an example of botched logistics.  My two students were in a two set.  A pull was literally about to go down but one girl decides to lose her fucking phone and one of my guys loses the key back to the condo which was essential for pulling.  (I was lucky to later bump into the bouncer who found the key).  Losing a phone and being an overly dramatic Asian girl pretty much equal kiss your pull goodbye.

The following is frame capture of the set that I recorded.  It was very on and the makeout was around the 4 minute mark so it got physical very fast.  They quickly moved to the dance floor and a double pull was imminent.  Then... shit storm.

To Student #1

Talking to student #2 and I find out girl loses the phone.

Student #1 tells me he loses the key to the condo.  My roommate was not around.  This would guarantee no pull unless they manage to pull to the girls place.

Now that the option of pulling to our place was gone, I suggested pulling to their place.  At the end I find the key and let them know that the condo was still an option.

Crying girl = GG.  I was with student #3 in a totally different set and by the time I found the other 2, the girls were gone.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Results / Testimonials

Written testimonials are boring and staged photographs are... well staged.  Just because a girl is willing to drink with you at your table, it doesn't mean anything really.

I present to you, legit results from my students.  The proof is in the pudding.

Vegas Bootcamp Nov, 2013

Student flies in from East Coast for first bootcamp and pulls both nights.

Two great guys to work with who are super positive and motivated.  I am constantly amazed and impressed with how my clients are in other areas of their lives outside of pickup.  On the road back to LA from Vegas, we discussed logistics on setting up with a girl who seemed interested.  Sure enough, Tuesday night (2 days later), I get a confirmation text.

Vegas Bootcamp Oct, 2013

On a self development work conference in Vegas.  Had a free night to take an infield and then pulled the next night.  Not bad of a trip.

This energetic young man and his friends booked a trip to Vegas.  He had the opportunity to do a 3 day 1on1.  The good thing is that he gets to travel for his job.  The bad thing is that he is currently stuck in Alaska (no sets lol).  He still manages to close 2 weeks later.  I guess girls need body heat in that frigid tundra wilderness.

Austin Bootcamp Sept, 2013
Fellow engineer who lifts.  Edu + Physique + Career = Fuark GG.

Vegas Bootcamp Aug, 2013

It all started in Seattle while looking for a pair of jeans and doing some day game.  Then signs up for a 10 day bootcamp in Vegas and well... holy fuck a shit ton of lays.  Now he lives in Vegas :).

LA Bootcamp July, 2013

Same night lay infield footage coming soon! (blurring face in progress)

LA Bootcamp March, 2013

In this video, I help my student essentially go from a 30 second blowout to completely pulling the girl.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

One New Activity A Month

In a recent Vegas bootcamp, I catch one of my guys stacking the question train to a ridiculous amount.  I counted nine questions in a row.  The fifth question was almost a repeat of the 2nd question.  In attempts to quick fix this for the next set, I asked him some of the places he has traveled and some of the things he has done to prime his mind with some statements he can make immediately after opening.

Well, working 70 hours in a lab for the last few years doing clinical research pretty much sums up 95% of his life.  I think everyone knows this deep down but... in order to sound interesting, you kind of have to do interesting things.  This goes beyond doing some stupid magic tricks.

In this post, I want to cover:

  1. How to find interesting things.
  2. Why knowing just a little bit about a topic goes a long ways.
  3. How things you experience can help you transition to multiple topics and conversational threads.

How to find interesting things.

I am going to keep this simple.  Go to  You will find tons of interesting things that you have never tried.  (and no I don't make money off this)

  • Yoga, dance, golf
  • Skydiving
  • Hot air balloon
  • Race car driving
  • Wine tasting
  • Snorkeling, kayaking
  • Crossfit, weightlifting
  • Shows, concerts, performances
I strive to do one new thing every month.  Most of these activities range from $50 to $100.  You are looking at saving $15-$25 per week; easily doable.  Try activities that vastly differ from each other.  When it comes to activities, you never know what you like until you actually try it.  I pick activities based on a few criteria which include: how much of a discount, how interesting of a conversation piece, and does it challenge your fears?  If you're afraid of heights, go bungee jumping.  Nothing cures beta than challenging your fears.

Why knowing just a little bit about a topic goes a long ways.
There is nothing wrong with asking questions.  The problem is most people ask too many surface level questions and they never dive deep enough to allow the other person to truly invest and talk about their passions.  Its hard to dive into a topic if you know absolutely jack shit about that topic.
  • Its hard to talk about Diablo 3 if the other dude has never played an RPG and doesn't know WTF a mana pool is.
  • Its hard to talk about Starcraft if the other person doesn't know what micromanagement is.
  • Its hard to talk about Photography if the other person doesn't know what glass, ISO, aperture, and shutter speeds are.
  • Its hard to talk about Bodybuilding if the other person doesn't know what whey protein is.
Just like most people, I don't want to spend a lot of time answering surface level questions just to bring the other person to speed on the topic and thus, as a result, most people just answer "I like it" or "its cool".  Basically the topic never turns into fruition and it dies, leading YOU to likely ask another dumb question.

The beauty of dabbling into a lot of different topics is that you have enough baseline knowledge to make enough smart questions and enough statements to get the other person to open up about whatever topic interests them.  Also, the learning curve on anything is the steepest when starting out, giving you the most bang for your time.  

How things you experience can help you transition to multiple topics and conversational threads.

I will give you an example.  This week, I did a Groupon deal for a hot air balloon ride.  I experienced enough that I can take this story and transition it to a lot of different other topics.  I will give you some examples.

  • Different atmosphere levels and wind speeds; ideal gas law and flotation -> science if shes a nerdy girl
  • History of hot air balloons; it got mistaken for a dragon; why they drink champagne with hot air balloons -> European history
  • Exciting and thrill seeking activity -> scary moments and close encounters
  • Floating over La Jolla / Del Mar -> affluent neighborhoods in San Diego with swimming pools and tennis courts.
  • Saw Janet Jackson's house from above -> didn't see her nude sunbathing, missed out on TMZ moment
  • Found it on Groupon -> interesting activities the girl has done

As you can see, with a simple activity, I just opened myself to a TON of potential conversational seeds.  I like to keep my posts simple and action oriented.  Go ahead and do one new activity this month that you have never done before.  Here are some pictures of the hot air balloon ride :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cross Country Road Trip - 10/2 - 10/6 (New York City)

Tues-Sun 10/2 - 10/6 New York City

If Vegas is considered night game mecca, then I guess NYC can be considered day game mecca.  There are sets virtually everywhere.  Since 70% of Manhattan residents don't drive...this leads to them either walking, busing, taking the taxi, or riding the subway.  The result is you having lots of encounters with girls walking everywhere.  Furthermore, the city has a high concentration of single females... which is the reverse that of California.  California is actually quite a cockfarm despite wannabe models and aspiring actresses.

Since living conditions are tiny, most places in Manhattan don't include a kitchen.  This explains why most people in NYC eat out all the time.  Wouldntwantanewyorkerforawife.jpg.  Eating out and always walking outside does promote more social skills.  I do feel a different vibe when I encounter NYC girls.  Their personalities on average are different than that of LA girls.  LA people drive everywhere and thus, tend to be in their own personal bubble all the time. NYC is definitely one of the major cities to check out on the east coast.  I think the top 3 of my choice obviously were the ones I had visited before; Miami, Washington DC, and New York.  Washington DC is more for the culture.  Pickup is terrible there.

The only downside of NYC is logistics.  Perhaps I haven't been there long enough but parking and the public transportation all seem like a pain in the ass.  Everything is tiny and dirty.  I had to download an app just to figure out the subway station.  During the day time, we parked our cars near Times Square, the parking bill was 55 dollars.  I haven't sarged in Europe but I would guess day game is similar to that of London? (speculating here, London seems like a great place with lots of international girls).

Times square is full of people for day game but it is touristy.   For night game, we ended up going to the meat packing district and also lower east side to a place called Pianos.  There we bumped into quite a few RSD guys and also Psych who were all running bootcamps there.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Alpha Video

A lot of videos tell you about what works and what doesn't from a conceptual point of view, however, its nice to see a video where they do head to head simulations on how to be alpha and what works and what doesn't.

I think most people are aware of the concepts shown in this video but actually seeing it done is pretty cool.

The two biggest things that resonated with me are:

1.  Size matters.
2.  Fake it till you make it.

Sheer size alone will prevent most guys from coming to AMOG you.  Yes you can make up for it with body language and strong lock-in body positioning with the girl, however you have to put more effort in making your sets more solid and guys will be judging you from a distance and they won't see how you will react till after the fact.  I can tell from personal experience, its very rare for guys to come into my set even if I am doing poorly.  Basically just work out, and get big.  The video demonstrates the two scenarios between the big guy and the small guy pretty well.

The second one is fake it till you make it.  There are a lot of misconceptions about the term congruence.  Yes be congruent to yourself and your true path, if its a GOOD thing.  However, if you have bad habits and you know it will negatively affect your set, DO not attempt to be congruent with your bad behaviors.  Instead, FAKE it till you MAKE it.  If the set is high energy and you're tired and you don't feel like approaching, do not be congruent with your low energy behavior.  Fake the energy level to match the set or you will get blown out.  Ever open a set that is dancing and jumping up and down and you open with a quiet weak opener?  Boom, instant ignore and blow out.

If you are pulling a girl out of the venue and you are unsure of yourself.  Do you be congruent and act like you are unsure because that's how you feel on the inside?  Fuck no!  Fake it till you make it.  Pretend like you know what you're doing and where you're going.  Walk like you're sure of yourself while you're scrambling on your Android Yelping the next best pull location lol.  I noticed its okay to ask for directions as long as you're not stopping and hesitating.  For example, if I am in Vegas and I am lost while pulling, always ask the guys in suits and earphones for directions rather than walking around lost.  After acquiring directions, give them a high five or a fist pump and make it seem like you know the guy.  Social proof while acquiring logistics.  Double win!

Lastly, displaying alpha body language like holding your hands in the air and making a scream in the beginning of the night will help you punch through those initial approach anxiety barriers.

Saturday, November 2, 2013