Monday, November 25, 2013

Same Night Logistics

One of the most frustrating things in game are late game logistical hiccups.  Sometimes a pull can be in the bag and then its as if someone pulls the curtains right under you.

There are just so many external factors that can fuck up your pull that once you sense a girl is pullable, you need to start babysitting your set and watch them like they are literally 4 year old toddlers and definitely don't let them out of your sight.  If they need to use the bathroom, you guard the bathroom entrance!.  Again, this is the point in which you believe the girl is pullable and you are going for it.  The truth of the matter is, girls do a lot of dumb things in the club.  Almost every night I go out, I see something I want to face palm.  Here's a list of things that have happened to girls that my wing, my students, and I have been in set with.

  • Losing their phone or wallet
  • Passing out
  • Puking all over the place, including car
  • Trip over the stairs and spraining an ankle
  • Start being overly dramatic about some stupid event that happened earlier in the day
  • Complaining about their massive feet pain
  • Some other stupid thing that has happened to their friends

I find that if you play solid game, its easier to pull girls that are more sober.  Things just tend to go wrong less often.  Its not to say that girls who drink too much aren't pullable, sure they are... but a lot of times its just a pain in the ass.  Nothing kills my boner more than a pile of puke in my car...

When I say babysit, I'm talking about making sure they don't lose anything or leave anything behind.  If they had a few extra drinks, make sure to support them and not have them trip over stairs or hurt themselves.  Prevent them from drinking too much if you can anticipate that happening.

Here is an example of botched logistics.  My two students were in a two set.  A pull was literally about to go down but one girl decides to lose her fucking phone and one of my guys loses the key back to the condo which was essential for pulling.  (I was lucky to later bump into the bouncer who found the key).  Losing a phone and being an overly dramatic Asian girl pretty much equal kiss your pull goodbye.

The following is frame capture of the set that I recorded.  It was very on and the makeout was around the 4 minute mark so it got physical very fast.  They quickly moved to the dance floor and a double pull was imminent.  Then... shit storm.

To Student #1

Talking to student #2 and I find out girl loses the phone.

Student #1 tells me he loses the key to the condo.  My roommate was not around.  This would guarantee no pull unless they manage to pull to the girls place.

Now that the option of pulling to our place was gone, I suggested pulling to their place.  At the end I find the key and let them know that the condo was still an option.

Crying girl = GG.  I was with student #3 in a totally different set and by the time I found the other 2, the girls were gone.


  1. Lol @ you babysitting your students like that.

    1. I wanted to get them some additional reference experiences. Their longest set ever prior was under 30 minutes. I knew they had enough going for them that pulls were possible so I pushed it hard as I could. One guy almost pulled and the other guy actually pulled twice, one on each night (different set of course).

      I have noticed when other pickup companies get bigger, they have less individual attention because they don't need to... they have enough demand that it really doesn't matter. In fact, one company makes their students chip in and buy bottle service. WTF, that goes against everything in pickup.

    2. ^ Funny enough that actually happens in ABC's of Attraction bootcamps now. Very little attention and takes a bunch of money

  2. They're getting their money's worth idiot

  3. I added you on my Asian PUA directory on my forum. I hope you don't mind.

  4. I am heading to vegas on dec 15 to jan 5. I want to know what is better for logistics? Staying at the harrah's or the trump?

    1. Trump is further but a much better hotel. Also, there is no casino to deal with I would rather stay at the Trump.

  5. Thanks dude. See you in vegas.

  6. your students are pulling chicks equal to their looks, same as your results.
    When are your dorky students going to pull some hot blonde? Seems like all your students ever go for are asian broads

    Therefore, your pua skills suck

    1. Hahahaha. Has it occured to you maybe Asian guys like Asian girls? You stupid fuck.

      You think its more impressive to be a loser and trick girls of higher value than working on yourself and build your own inherent value. Yeah I get girls easily because I workout but whos fault is it that you're a lazy fuck?

      Good luck trolling while my students are getting results. Keep driving up the traffic here and keep being my number one fan.

  7. when you get chicks that look like jayde nicole. i will say your legit

    1. Jayde Nicole is too old for me and has a potato face. Her physique has gone down since 2007 and is not on my level. I've had better. Sorry. I guess I'm not legit for you. Go get training from Mehow.