Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Elliot Rodgers And Importance of Getting Laid

Thank God this guy didn't take a bootcamp with me.  A Vegas nightclub would have been a very target rich environment.  My jeans are too tight and I have way too much camera gear in my pockets to run very fast.

I've had guys with 1000x more challenges than Elliot and still get laid.  I have guys who were 5'2 get laid.  I have had guys who spoke poor English get laid.  I have had guys who lived with their parents get laid.  Then you have this guy.... pretty face, rich, famous dad, and lives in a city with nothing but hot college girls next to one biggest party schools in the country.  What a loser.

It is my honest belief that anybody can get laid in less than a year (most people a lot less) if you're serious about it and you hang out with the right people and you have no serious mental or physical condition.   If you approach enough girls, even if you were terrible with game, statistically speaking, its inevitable you will get laid.  I would bet 1000$ that Elliot has not cold approached 1000 girls in his lifetime.  A thousand approaches could have been accomplished in less than 6 months.  If you had gotten laid every 6 months, over a 20 year period, that would have been 40 women.  The average man has 7 partners his whole life and even at that rate, its a 600% increase.

I seriously believe that getting laid just makes you a lot more of a chill person.  I used to be hater myself.  My roommate was a good looking natural back in 2008 and I would always hear him bring back hot girls and fucking across the wall.  I would always be pissed off and put on my headphones and go back to playing TF2.

Present day... if you get laid, I'm happy for you.  Congrats!  Just don't get any stains in my condo or car.  The problem with current YouTube videos is that people think pickup should be easy or a cake walk.  They think that they can read a book can be picking up 10's.  Stop being so damn picky starting off.  If you're a 5, be happy finding a girl who is also an HB5!  In the long term, work your way to becoming a 10 yourself, and try to get an HB10.

Don't tie ego to the quality of the girl you get.  Just get the lay for the sake of reference experience.  Trust me, I have seen some PUA coaches bag some ugly ass chicks.  Just look at the following picture.  My gawd she has more craters on her face than IO, the moon of Jupiter.  If you knew there were "MPUAs" still going after female Danny Trejo's, don't put so much pressure on yourself!

I also know plenty of amazingly good looking guy friends who have pulled hideous girls.  I'm talking guys who look like Chris Hemsworth pulling Rosie O'Donnell look-alikes.  Obviously as you get better in game, strive for higher quality.  However, if you have gotten less than 5 lays from cold approach pickup, you really shouldn't be so picky and opting out of freebies.  The reference experience of actually pulling and escalating is very valuable for when you actually meet a girl in the future that you really like.  By then, things should be automatic because you have done it before, you can actually enjoy the moment while managing logistics instead of micromanaging everything.  For guys with inner game issues, getting laid in itself will do more in one night than months of meditation and affirmations.

Inb4 "squattincassanova promotes talking to ugly girls" in the comments section.


  1. He never approached once. I read a lot of his little spiel and the closest he ever got was saying "Hi" to a girl while walking past her. When she didn't say anything back, he went to a bathroom and cried for an hour. I literally could not make this shit up lol

  2. Something I was thinking about, and a couple questions. Where I live, I did the math and there are only really like 1800 girls from 18-24 (I'm 20) period in my city. Assuming that I'd only ever be able to bump into maybe 1 in 3 tops even if I was pretty proactive and went to as many places as I know here, and then assuming that I'd probably only approach 2 in 3 of those, that leaves me with like 400 tops.

  3. Hey Mike, could you describe what a male version of 10 is like.

  4. A lot of PU focus getting laid. There seem to be a gap that's not filled for guys who learned PU, can get laid, but really aren't picking up top notched girl. In my case, I can get laid from cold approach if I go out enough. Or I can shoot out 100 messages on POF and get laid with a 6 or a 7 with blah personality.

    How do I land a 8 or 9 that's cool and smart? And the only PUA that I see that land hotties are tall and good looking like Julian from RSD and Nick Hoss from love system who is 6'4" look like an Abercrombie and Fitch model.

    I work out, I make over 100k, I am well travelled.. Oh well. Guess I'll just keep hitting the #. I am working on my overall confidence. I think that will help. Meditate, challenge myself daily, facing fear.

  5. This Elliott Rodger was subscribed to Cass. I still can't wrap my mind around it..

  6. Hugh MyronbroughMay 29, 2014 at 9:50 AM


    For those of us new to the game, do you recommend we approach some we are not attracted to because it will be easier, or should we approach attractive women from Day 1?

    1. You should approach the hottest girls that you possible can (managing AA). HOWEVER, if there are no hot sets, you should still approach the next best thing. Don't waste valuable weekend night game time and just stand around. Ultimately girls are still girls and practicing conversation skills on a HB5 isn't THAT different than an HB8.

  7. nice article but the elliot rodgers story is a hoax. I agree with everything you said though.

  8. Good post. Ironically the first thing that came to my mind is that the guy didn't put in he work. Most guys on PUAhate will approach like 20 to 50 girls then say it does not work. If I had to guess I'd also say he approached very little if none at all. I did watch his YouTube video but I have not yet read his manifesto. I hate to say but he just comes off as a spoiled kid who felt entitled to women with no effort on his part.

    Every hustler from Paul Janka to even Tyler from RSD has cut his teeth in the process. I don't know anyone myself included who has made any progress much less laid without going through a lot of rejection it's part of the process and that's just the reality.

    Elliot was rich and drove a BMW. A lot of guys work with much much less. The only difference is they hold themselves accountable instead of wallowing in self pity.

    DJ Fuji and Asian playboy Jt Tran leave little to be desired. Esp JT Tran who is fat and short. I'm an Asian guy so it's all in the family lol. Both made it happen so there's no reason why Elliot couldn't. At the end of the day there's no substitute for hard work.

    -Jacob J.

    1. I completely agree. He had nothing to blame but himself.

  9. Who actually believes the "The average man has 7 partners his whole life" statistic?

  10. If you read his manifesto, this loser didnt even approach girls. He had ALL the WRONG ideas in his head, that if he drove a nice car, had nice clothes, girls will approach him.

    I used to think like that too. But to be arrogant enough to take someone else's life just to gain attention or get noticed, this guy was more than a loser than anyone who's actually putting in work and trying to become better.

    You will notice his loser mentality in his manifesto when he spends all of his parents money buying lottery tickets, hoping to be rich and then assuming girls will flock to him. This guy doesnt understand the value of hard work and discipline. Part of it is his dads fault, but the kid was an adult and made some seriously messed up decisions