Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lessons Learned - PUA's Viral Video in Asia

If you read any PUA forum, WorldStarHipHop, Bodybuilding.com forum,  Facebook groups, or even the comments in my page, you most likely have come across this video.  This video became viral a few days ago reaching over a million views.  If you skim over the video without really doing background research, it appears at the beginning of the video...  one girl is with an Asian guy and another girl (friends of the first girl) is with a White guy.  Then a few minutes in, the second White
guy steals the girl from the Asian guy.  In the end, both Asian girls get pulled by the two White guys.   The title of the video is called "Guy Steals Girl From Chinese Guy".

As you can see, this video stirs up a shit storm, shows up on tons of Asian forums, magazines, newspapers and other media sites.  With this many views, internet detectives quickly find the identity of everyone in the video, both guys and girls.  The White guys get a lot of threats and hate mail, the girls are humiliated.

Some of the comments revolved around the topics of:

  • Filming without permission, invasion of privacy
  • Race, objectifying and preying on Asian women
  • Projecting Asian guys to be weak
  • Picking up Asian girls as White guy as being easy
Obviously, a lot of this revolves around race.  However, lets discuss some of these issues and lessons learned.

I actually know the guy in the video because I know every PUA on the planet and I would consider him a friend.  His name is David, a pretty hard follower of RSD.  He found my YouTube channel a while back, contacted me.  We did some day game together.  He also quit his day job around the time when I was planning on doing a road trip.  We ended up doing a 30 day road trip across countries hitting up clubs in Scottsdale, Dallas, Austin, Miami, New York, and Chicago.

We have some similarities but also a lot of differences in terms of pickup and life.  He was very passionate about pickup theory, concepts, mindset, and would ramble on for hours about RSD Tyler's videos in the car to the point where my head explodes!  Hes one of those guys that would talk about pickup all the time and pretty much nothing else.  I on the other hand can't handle all the PUA talk (ironic considering I teach pickup).  Sometimes I just want to hear a funny story, or find something interesting about a city, eat delicious food, or expand my travel experiences.

We also preferred different girls.  He likes strictly FOB Asian girls while I liked Latinas, Whites, and Asians.  I liked my girls to be assertive, witty, and equality talkative while he preferred his girl to be more passive and compliant.

We also preferred different venues.  While I am proficient in day game, I still prefer night game because its more fun to me.  Up until Asia, David pretty much exclusively did day game.  Day game is inherently different than night game.  Dealing with a hot turbo blonde in a Vegas club is VERY different than opening a passive compliant Asian girl on the street.

David is a good guy.  He is one of those people who loves to seek other like minded people, collaborate, and share experiences.  That's how he found me and we ended up hanging out.  However, with a lot of pick up guys, we all started in a weird place in life, not necessarily perfect and we all have our idiosyncrasies.  For example, we were at a restaurant and David got upset at a waitress for being too friendly.  He mentioned the waitress was being fake for the purpose getting a higher tip and did not feel like tipping her.  I explained that this was good customer service and that many waitresses get low base pay and depend on tips to survive.  I also explained that not tipping in front of girls on a date can be a huge turn-off.  I asked him if it was any different or worse to go after girls with boyfriends.  His logic was, "well think of the girl working at a shitty job, and we are a better job, and if the girl chooses us, shes getting an upgraded job".  We also have our differences on our what we focus.  While I agree that game is important, I also focus on fitness, fashion, developing lifestyle, adhering to most social norms.  I believe that being an attractive man means doing what an attractive man should do... even if it doesn't directly affect game. I have told him countless times to not wear white socks but he never listens.  In fact, he sends faggotry pics like this to piss me off.  It's almost like he's saying "Fuck the system.  I can wear shit fashion and still pull girls".

I am not disagreeing that you can't pull with white socks, what I am saying is that bad fashion is bad fashion and just don't do it because its not attractive and furthermore, you WILL turn off some girls that DO care.  The ones that do care are usually the ones with fashion sense and are likely to be hotter as well.  If it lowers your probability, why do it?  The sock is just an example, but things like this adds up.  Bad fashion, lose a percentage of girls.  Not tipping, lose a percentage of girls.  Blatantly open sets with a GoPro on your head, lose a percentage of girls.  Not having an ideal life style, lose a percentage of girls.

Filming Girls
I will tell from my experience, the world is small.  Even with 6000 some subscribers, I get called out almost every day in Vegas clubs by guys.  Also, I had three girls from Vancouver find out that that I took videos of them and one of the videos was even blurred!  How the fuck... its 1400 miles from Vegas to Vancouver.  If you heard the term six degrees of separation between everyone on the planet, well with even a few thousand views... you're essentially making that gap very small.  In addition, the audience is going to be PUA guys who approach thousands of girls so the likelihood of them recognizing any particular girl is VERY high.  My channel is only in the thousands, can you imagine how quickly things spread when the view count reaches MILLIONS?  At that high of a viewcount, it is statistically impossible for an unblurred video of a girl to not find out.

Chasing validation is something many PUAs never get over.  A lot of guys come from a background where we never got any girls so it feels good to get recognition when we finally reach a skill level where we are getting results.  When I first started out, consistently uploading audio/video on YouTube gave me motivation to keep going and to see how I progressed.  When you're new and you're low on motivation, it is acceptable to post your results.  During the early phases, rejections suck and you need as much positive emotions as possible.  Once you get to a certain skill level however, you need to stop the brag posts.  What do I mean by brag posts?  Posts that don't provide any value or insight other than showing everyone you got a number/ date/ lay.

Everyone roots for the underdog; its the struggle, the challenge, the breaking of a plateau or a sticking point.  Nobody gives a shit when you already made it.  Are you impressed when Lebron James makes another dunk?  Are you impressed when Bill Gates made another billion or when Charlie Sheen adds another lay count to his current lay count of 5000+?  The answer is no.

Issues with Race
Race issues will always come up.  Its inevitable whenever minorities are present.  As a fan of standup comedy, I hear racial jokes almost every night when I go to a comedy club.  Its funny because people identify with them and its usually the comedian talking about his/her own race.  I make light hearted racial jokes all the time and half of them are about Asian people.  However, if I make a joke about a Black person, all my Black audience will be offended; if I make a joke about a Hispanic person, my Hispanic audience will be offended... even though I make fun of everyone equally and I have friends of every race.

The impact is even stronger when it involves a dominant race and a minority race.  This is exactly what happened here.  Asia has had a long bitter history with Europeans.  I'm not going to summarize the history of Asia however a notable example would be Britain finding a scheme to steal China's riches by getting everyone addicted to opium and trading ships worth of drugs for gold and silver and eventually destroying the imperial gardens.  The opium war forced China to give up Hong Kong as a part of a cease fire agreement.  As you can see, there is a lot of bitter resentment in history with White people and therefore a White guy AMOGGING a random Asian will cause drama even if there were no racial motives.  Just make a mental note to be careful when making infield pickup videos while in non first world countries.

Is It Easier To Pimp In Asia Being White?
No fucking shit its easier.  The numbers don't lie.  I have plenty of White friends who been to Asia, they all tell me the same thing.  Guys who get new lays every 2 weeks often get lays every 2 days in Asia.  Even guys who take training from me find much easier success in Asia.  I had a Hispanic student find a girlfriend in Taiwan.

Now, this doesn't mean ALL Asian girls just want the White cock.  Most Asian girls still prefer Asian men.  We are genetically programmed to like the type of people we grew up with.  I was born in China so I will always like Asian girls but I also lived in Nebraska in elementary school so I also like White girls.  I also like Latina girls because... well who the fuck doesn't.  Being White in Asia makes you stand out.  Because the dialogues are in English, the guy is most likely going to lead the conversation.  Guys from over seas are going to be more interesting and are going to have more stories to tell.  Look at David.  Because he wears a GoPro like a senior citizen wears Depend diapers, he's got a bazillion cool pictures on his phone and each one is a story.  Being White is polarizing.  Its kind of like being really buff or looking like a rock singer.  While most girls may not like you, the ones that do are really going to like you.  Combining the sheer number of sets on the streets of Asia with running numbers game and cavemanning or beastmoding, its easy to pull girls.

Lessons learned?
If you're a newbie, go ahead and post your results.  If you are already getting good results, you should stop (unless there is value added).  For things that are controversial, blur out the face.  Just don't do AMOG videos in general unless the other guy is being a tool.  Everyone always roots for the underdog.  If you're non Asian and you want to get some reference experience, going to Asia is not a bad idea.  Just don't put it on YouTube and piss people off.

And one last thing, not all Asians are beta.  Here are pics of my Asian students with White girls.


  1. Amazing post, Mike. Finally, a voice of reason in all of this bullshit.

  2. The big problem with the vid wasn't the content, but the framing. He made race an issue by saying it was a Chinese guy, and he said that he stole her as if they were together. After hearing (and finding) the actual story behind it (it's just two white guys that were already talking with asian girls, random chinese guy shows up, chats up the girl, then the white guy takes her back and leaves) it's not that bad, but the title framed everything in a fucked up light.

    1. he already explained that when he started that thread of his on rsdnation. i just think he did it out of self-amusement which is fine.

  3. This post touched on the topic earlier, but it's seems that it was done out of self-amusement, but it is related to the other topic that this post touched on that I will run with. A lot of PUAs get better at approaching and gaming, but still lack a lot of self-confidence and self-esteem. This reminds me of bodybuilders I used to know (I was a powerlifter), who had sculpted bodies yet were very insecure inside. Or if not bodybuilding, they had to be "HUGE", or at least the biggest guy in any room they go to. Why ? There's no legitimate functionality, they just patch a self-esteem issue with some other perceived value instead.

    As I read this post, I actually just feel bad for David Bond (the guy in the video) now. The guy has to post a video about stealing a girl from another Asian guy, he feels like a king stiffing waitresses who make minimum wage (so alpha!), and has to wear socks that makes him look like a complete jackass so he can garner self-validation b/c he could not obtain that otherwise else wearing regular socks. I cannot believe anyone would take pride in stiffing a waitress...brag post or video for that matter, what was the point ? After reading the other info on him on this post, there's nothing 'alpha' that I am aware of. I've had a term for this, it's called being a legend in your own mind.

    As far as the race issue, I did not grow up in China or internationally. I was born in the United States and happened to be a full Asian male (no mix). I don't usually talk about my race unless it is specifically brought up by a female or someone I know. Even though I am Asian, it's not something I really talk about and if I do it's not in the context of jokes.

    I'll be honest, I hate Chinese food. I like the American version of Chinese food (buffets, Panda Express, etc) with high sodium and grease, but I've been to authentic Chinese restaurants and I think the food is disgusting. I also hate using chop sticks, so I only use them when eating sushi and always just defer to the fork. Rice is a pain in the ass to eat with chop sticks. I still love burgers and fries, and spicy Mexican food is great as well, but I'm not keen on real Chinese food.

    -Jacob J.

  4. Usually I avoid going down the race route, but in this case, Mike, I wish you had taken a different stance with this post. It's really unfortunate this David Bond/RSD guy is your friend.

    You can take any story and chose whatever statement you want to make. In this case, I would have discussed how to deal with other guys gaming your girl, how not to be adverse to confrontation. In this case, where the Asian guy did not know the white dudes already know the girls, and saw them come in to jack the set, he should have fought tooth and nail and kick their PUA ass to the curb.

    You are selling yourself as a legit Asian PUA, but defending a loser PUA geek who only got the balls to game fobby Asian girls. F-these guys. Some of this f-ed RSD guys literally rape these confused Asian tourist girls and call it "frame control."

    And Lesson Learned??? All you care about is being called out for filming pick-up?

    The lesson learned is that if 2 pencil necked while boy come in trying to game the girl I am gaming I would break his jaw and stomp on his trachea and see how much their backpacker tourist insurance will cover their treatment in a run down Asian hospital.

    1. I feel you dude. There is a lot of things I didn't like about the video.

    2. And yes, a lot of RSD guys are annoying doing their uncalibrated beastmoding shit and fucking up the club. There are some cool RSD guys too.

    3. The Asian guy in the video was being a clueless beta, and the white guys were just hitting on these girls, it's not like the Asian guy was her bf. At the least, the Asian dude should have walked away when the set was lost to retain his dignity.

      Most PUA stuff encourages ruthless behavior, AMOG'ing other guys, etc. The anger you feel about this video is simply due to stereotypes being actualized in this video that offend you. These white guys were doing exactly what PUA teaches, and the Asian wasn't.

    4. Curious if the above post is by DJ Fuji, if not it sure read like one. LOL. Meaning someone with an Aggressive mindset.

      All this Race stereotype is nothing new(and the problems that come with it), and most likely will continue on for years and decades unless you get to the root of the problem which I highly Doubt will ever be changed.

      And I would say that Asian Culture tends to be PASSIVE regarding socializing and dating, which gives Asian men a Distinct Disadvantage (in Western Culture) in certain fields where social skills are important/critical to success (i.e Dating, Business leadership,etc.).

      Lesson Learned: If David Bond were to Amog DJ Fuji's set, there would have been a Beat down and David's Ass would have been handed over on a silver platter.

    5. ken and the anonymous poster are idiots. beating a guy down because he took your girl? Thats part of the game. Yes, you can be mad but you would be sitting in a jail cell facing assault charges because you are a sensitive asian guy. I'm asian and i wasnt mad at this video, i found it to be funny as hell

      Asian guys on the internet are so fucking insecure

    6. Just wanted to make a clarification on the terms Aggression and Meanness.

      By Aggression, One should have the Mental Fortitude/Tenacity to Persevere and Overcome Difficult Challenges/Problems.

      Meanness is more Temperment.

      Many of the most Successful people in different Fields (Sports, Business, Politics,etc) are Aggressive yet Humble and of Good Nature.

      A good example in Boxing is Manny Pacquaio. When in Boxing competition, Manny is about as Fierce and Aggressive as they come for any Professional Fighter.

      In person, he's cheerful and happy, and conducts himself like a Gentleman. There's no Anger or Meanness in him.

      You can certainly argue that there are successful people who are both Aggressive and Mean, but my point was to make a distiction between the two.

      One of the key qualities that Mike/SquattinCassanova (or DJ Fuji) will have students do when in set is to PLOW. And by Plowing you continue to Game your set even when the set is broken, and the girl is uninterested in you.

      ** I'd like to get an Opinion on Mike and give examples on how he would Coach this student.**

      So I would take it that if this was Mike's student, he would have to re-engage his target/set and continue to Plow until he gets the girl and Blows out the guy or the girl blows him (the Asian Guy) out.

      Basically, students are encourage to be aggressive and assertive rather than Standing around with a Thumb up his Ass and doing nothing.

      Another thing thats encourage for student is to take up an (Physical) Activity and develop an Active lifestyle. A Challenging activity develops Aggression/Mental Fortitude and Drive to succeed.

      So whether its Cold Approach Gaming, Mountain Climbing, and trying to Clean and Jerk 300lbs, an individual with Aggression/Mental Fortitude will have a better chance of succeeding in their Goals rather than an individual who is highly Passive (and does nothing due to being Timid)

      Unfortunately, Passiveness is a quality/trait thats set in stone in Asian Culture. In the coming months, there'll be another Racist Incident where an Asian Wimp gets his Ass handed by some White Guy, Then there's going to be an Uproar with the Asian Community, and then Nothing happens, the incident is forgotten, and then the Cycle repeats itself.

      Its ALWAYS happens every year. Its wash, rinse, and repeat.

  5. ^ clearly you didn't read the whole article Mike wasn't defending his PUA friend quite the contrary in my opinion

  6. I'm still trying to figure out how a guy who quits his day job to be a pick up artist tries to not tip a waitress to save money, then simulteanously claims he's an 'upgrade' to her ?

    I'm guessing David has a mild form of Down's Syndrome.

    -Jacob J.

  7. Mike, can you share the statistics on the profession of your Asian students? Because I know that white males fare better in the dating scenes because of being white, but also being "alpha" in the sense of not giving a fuck about college/day job/etc.

    My white friend posted a research on how on average, an Asian male has a higher salary than a white male in America. Now, I am not saying higher salary = better life, or the opposite, being a successful PUA = better life. I just want to know the statistics, because I believe that one of the biggest factor to why Asian males are not as relevant in the dating genre is the sheer fact that most of them do not participate, and would rather work day jobs/get a degree/etc.

    1. Talking about the statistical mean difference in pickup performance between Asians and Whites really provides no meaningful prediction on any particular individual. The standard deviation is far bigger than the mean. I have had both Asian and Whites f-close on a bootcamp and I have also had both Asians and Whites struggle to get numbers. It all depends on your starting point. Comparing the success of average people is very different than comparing the results of someone who spends a lot of time and energy honing in on a specific skill. In the case of the latter group, the mean doesn't apply to you anymore. For example, the average Black male is probably stronger than the average Asian, but how many Black guys if randomly picked can squat 430 pounds?

  8. Good job. This guy is crazy

  9. hahahha those two in the video are faggots…. wasted so much time being way to passive…. asian kid shoulda been swooped on in less than 2 seconds

  10. Just gotta say this, that pic of you and that girl with the light up glasses is aesthetic as fuark... The whole thing..

    1. She wanted to marry me but I told her that she's not responsible enough to have children.

  11. "He was very passionate about pickup theory, concepts, mindset, and would ramble on for hours about RSD Tyler's videos in the car to the point where my head explodes! Hes one of those guys that would talk about pickup all the time and pretty much nothing else."

    I had a feeling that David was one of these types...the way he looks and carries himself gives me that vibe...pick up is great...but have some balance in life...or you just look like a fucking weirdo...even socially awkward imo.

  12. Well i think we can conclude that cyrax has better game than most people because he approaches only asians as they are harder in many cases.
    "I wanted to write my thoughts on the subject, and why I feel not only are Asian girls not easy, but harder in many cases."

  13. Those pics are not success with white women.

  14. You have to clarify it. If you're not Asian and not BLACK, Asia is a great place. Asia sucks for Black men.

    1. Learn the language/culture. A lot of my friends who like asians literally treat them like pieces of meat because they can get away with it since they are white, and "white is right". However, if you learn the language and culture, you can differentiate yourself form simply being a tourist and you'll be seen in a different light. If they try to talk shit Korean/Canto/Whatever, you can speak it and not only catch them off guard, but gain a huge amount of respect.

      im latino and darker-skinned but speak a little mandarin. When i went to hong kong, me and 6 other people out of the 44 that traveled there with me spoke mandarin really well. And let's just say we got pretty good reception from the ladies ;)

  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7SXPps0HlU

    two different types of black guys that still managed to get korean girls

    and that second dude macked her in korea (and lives there as an english teacher).

  16. just invite to visit my site : http://tedy-zone-community.blogspot.com/2014/10/lithe-asian-woman-fucks-that-white-meat.html