Thursday, May 16, 2013

Debbie Downers

I'm on a blog roll!

If you can't tell.  I'm a fucking goof ball.  I'm pretty happy in general.  One contributing factor on how I got good was because I am self amused and I generally have a good time when I go out.  This kept me consistent over the long run.  But one thing I hate is people who are always negative around me or are always complaining or highlighting their problems.

I fucking hate that shit.  If you say two negative things in a row without a positive, a bell rings in my head and I just want to not ever talk to you anymore.  I will call you out on it and tell you to stop immediately.

I can see why people do it though.  By talking about their problems they feel like they can get sympathy and it almost lets them take the responsibility out of their hands because they broadcast it to the world.  But lets be real here, unless we are your parents or super long time friends, most people you interact with don't give a shit.  Seriously!  Nobody give a shit.  We all go our own problems to deal with.  If you talk shit on my Channel and think I am going to give you legit advice, you're funny.  I'm just going to troll you, forget about it, do something else and then go on my regular day.

Here is a better suggestion.  Instead of talking about your problems, always be complimenting on whatever skill your friends or acquaintances are good at.  If I see a buff guy at the gym, I give him props for being jacked.  If I see a guy with lots of money, I compliment him on his financial acumen.  If I see a player at the club better than me, I high five him and buy him a drink instead of the hot girl next to him lol.

There are two things you need to know.  People love to talk about whatever the fuck they are good at.  And people love compliments.  I love it when a random newb calls me out in the club and tells me I have great game and ask me a few questions.  I always give some advice.  It makes me feel great too.  Nothing makes you feel like king awesome by demoing in front of a buncha newbs, seriously!  If you show genuine interest, compliment, and are willing to listen, people love to tell you all sorts of stuff.  However, you still need to follow these guidelines.

  • Don't argue, just listen.  High value people are busy, they ain't got time for arguing.
  • If they give you something, don't just keep sucking value and ask more and more.  Be happy with what you get, its fucking free.  Nobody is obligated to give you anything.
  • Sound really excited.
  • Be in a general happy vibe and always provide whatever value you can give.  Trade value!  If I want to learn how to make money, and I know a rich guy who wants to learn game... boom! Mutual exchange and sharing!  Win/Win.

In my opinion, good habits/ role models and great friends to mirror off of are the TWO biggest contributors of success.  If you don't go out at least 2x a week, open 15 sets a night, and if you don't have friends in pickup that are constantly getting laid.  GOOD FUCKING LUCK.  For me, I had both.  I went out 2x a week for 2 years straight.  That's 100+ weekends!  And I had DJ Fuji as my coach, but I also had many friends in pickup with 50+ lays.  Now you've read this post, hopefully you can find some.  There are a lot of naturals out there just as good as any other seasoned PUAs.

Cool guys are kind of like hot girls.  You can game them to helping you out as well... in a non homo way of course. :).  Don't worry about me though.  I can't be gayed out.  For one, I surf so I have a high tolerance to gayness, and for two, I squat 400 pounds so my ass is pretty much rock solid tight and impenetrable.


  1. would squatting over years lead to stunting of growth? our spines are not meant to hold such force.

    1. 1. Google is your friend.

      2. And no it doesn't. I'm 6'1 and I haven't gotten shorter since squatting.

  2. How do you have friends in pickup?

  3. im talking 10 years of squatting

    1. Are you even close to 10 years of squatting? Didn't think so.

  4. there are bodybuilders pros who claim like dave tate that they lost height. im 5 6, wtf do i need to take a chance at losing height!

  5. I sort of disagree with your idea of what high-value guys should be. I'm of the opinion that a guy at times must argue and must be confrontational, and it doesn't make him a pussy or low value.

    By the way, why don't we exchange links to be posted on each other's blogroll. It'd be beneficial for both of us.

    1. This post is not about an alpha battle with some random douche at a club. This is you making friends with quality people and learning from them. And how is asking questions and being genuinely curious make you a pussy or low value? Cool people are here to learn and grow. Who cares about fake perceived value? Micromanaging fake perceived value and caring what other people think is bad bad thing. If I suck at something, I'll admit I suck. Who gives a fuck.

      You can either wear a muscle suit at the gym and have perceived value and muscles. Or you could learn from guys buffer than you. What is more meaningful in the long run?

      I don't want to be a dick Kenny, but you make a lot of god awful shitty posts. You live in the ghetto and your in field videos are terribad. Please stop posting on my blog.