Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Strip Club Cocktail Waitress

Opened her at a Pho restaurant in Vegas around 5am.  She was sitting by herself with her work dress on.  She is kind of an older Eastern European woman.  Probably born in Europe and moved to America to chase the American dream and ended up in Vegas.

I always been a fan of seated sets and did really good with girls opening them while they were eating.  Once you sit down, you were with the group.  Plus with eating and chewing, it takes some of the pressure off the occasional silences.

I think if I met her in the strip club, I would have no way in hell gotten her number.  Guys who do strip club game keep telling me this that if you want to pick them up, go to the restaurant near by when they get off work so that they are not in the work mentality of putting you in the customer frame.

Maybe I can convince her to go hike the grand canyon with me.  We'll see.  I can't think of anything more awesome than a scenic hike with a pretty girl and my camera.  Hopefully we at least be good friends and she shows me the inside world of what goes down in a top Vegas strip club!


  1. Hey man - you are an inspiration!..

    Im a FOB Asian in Toronto who's trying to start on game here. I used to do game in Asia (did relatively ok) - but moving to Toronto, my game's just like shit .

    Any tips on how to get started? Since most of my friends here are married (or old), i try to do sarging instead - but just couldnt get the courage to make the approach.

    How did you start with your game (alone or with wingman)?


  2. Yep. Solo. Grow some balls. Seriously when going out, nobody gives a shit what you do. The next morning they don't remember a damn thing. Who cares?

  3. I was a bouncer once at a classy joint when i was younger and it was my job to keep both the dancers and the waitresses safe from pigs or jealous womanview it. I only did it for 8 months and the club moved out of state, but while there i did not have time to watch dancers and be like the average guy.