Friday, January 17, 2014

Strip Club Game!

There is nothing more fun than making a stripper waste an hour talking to you before she realizes she didn't make any money!  TROLOLOL.

I didn't really go to strip clubs till I moved to Vegas.  I been enjoying it quite a bit and some times I take my students there after the infield.   This is usually 4am to 7am.  Its good opportunity to practice kino and also getting sexual... essentially acclimating to really hot girls.

Why strip clubs?
  • If you live in shitty, remote areas, finding good venues are hard but there are likely strip clubs!
  • Usually open all week long.  Some places are open 24 hours including LA and Vegas.
  • Really high concentration of hot girls.
  • Getting away with a lot of kino that you can't get elsewhere.
  • Seeing the reverse and watch girls try to game you.
  • Its pretty fun.
Some thoughts
  • Obviously you're there to practice.  A lot of girls give out numbers, but its still putting you in the client frame.  Most girls are ADHD and numbers tend to be really flaky and they are usually sleeping during the day.
  • You're going to have to get used to saying no.  A lot of girls will talk to you and get you invested, build compliance, and then try to push you to get dances or VIPs.  Remember, they are like female PUAs.  This is where you really need to be able to learn how to say no.  Otherwise, your wallet is going to get thin really quick.  Even I was uncomfortable saying no at first.  This pertains to life and also other girls.  You have to be comfortable saying no at certain times.
  • Obviously a lot of IOIs are fake.  Every stripper I talk to magically love Asians....right... we are just the fucking Adonis of all races right?  If she loves you, its not necessarily because your game is tight lol.
Additional thoughts...
  • Going to strip clubs and gaming is SUPPLEMENTAL.  You shouldn't be only going to strip clubs.  It will fuck up your calibration and also make you lazy in the opening phase.  In a club, a hard part is opening and getting attraction.  In the strip club, you just have to say "HEY" and they come walking to you.  I have had students who did a lot of strip club game, and have fucked strippers in the strip club but have a hard time in regular clubs.  Why?  Because saying "HEY" in a club to a girl will rarely get them to stop whatever they were doing and focus on you.
  • Obviously paying helps if you know what you are doing.  If you're a complete newb, paying is just putting you more in the customer frame.  However, if you're good, paying buys you more time.  Attraction still applies to strippers because they are still girls.  If they like you, you can get away with more stuff.  It is not uncommon for them to make out with you and do a lot more in the VIP if they like you.  One of my students makes a lot of money and usually gets VIP (its like 100 - 150 bucks for 15 minutes or 3 songs but a lot of times girls will stay with him for an hour in the VIP for no extra charge).  What he does is he talks to a lot of girls at the beginning, gets a feel for how into him they are, and pick then one that is likely to be the most on and then takes them to the VIP.
  • I have noticed that rewarding good behavior and punishing bad behavior still applies to strippers.  Many time I have talked to strippers for hour long conversations and its getting good and the girl asks me to get a dance from them or go get a drink from them and I say "NOPE".  Its essentially a slap in the face to them and the conversation comes to a screeching halt.  Some get butt hurt or completely bitter which is a complete 180 degree reversal.  Think about it, I am essentially punishing good behavior.  Some of these girls make 2 - 3 thousand a night and if they made zero dollars in an hour, they are severely reducing their pay to talk to you.  If you actually like the girl and want to continue, it wouldn't hurt to buy them a drink.  If you don't care and just want verbal practice, then it doesn't matter I guess.
  • The guy I know that has the best strip club game is probably Luke Krogh.   He also teaches pickup and used to be an instructor for AFC Adams.  He does it by befriending all the employees, bouncers, bartenders, essentially doing social circle over the entire strip club and comes at the girls from a non customer frame.  It seems like a pain in the ass to me.

This girl hung out for an hour and a half and gave me like 4 free lap dances because I offered her some donuts lol.


  1. fuck engineering. PUA 4 LIFE

    how the smart has fallen

    this is basically telling your education, YOU DID NOTHING FOR MY SEX LIFE

    i like it

    1. I still like engineering though. It might not necessarily get me laid but it sure has made me a problem solver.

  2. Mike do you have any tips on dance floor game? I haven't heard you cover that topic much.

    1. Not an expert at dance floor game. My friend Chi in Los Angeles teaches it though.

  3. You didn't explain how to fuck the girls once you're in the private VIP room with game instead of shelling out a shit ton of money