Friday, January 25, 2013

Asian Girls and PUA

I swear to god, the only girls that ever call me out on PUA are Asian girls. I guess it must be the fact that all Asian dudes are wannabe PUAs and that's why the girls are aware of it.

Seriously, number closed this girl last Saturday; she was fawning over me. The next morning I get this text:

"I know what you do for fun"
"You're a PUA, you need more practice"

WTF? Need more practice? You should have seen your puppy dog face the night before. I am not so much upset that she won't ever talk to me again. I am just weirded out by how she found out. I never told her my last name. One of those unsolved mysteries I guess.


  1. Google picture search?

  2. Asian chicks for you. They are OCD with being nosy about background and shit.

  3. They check your back ground through google, it's not a mysteries, I get that before and im not even trying to pick her up. its creepy as F

  4. What do you think happens when you post a bunch of youtube videos of yourself squatting chickenshit weight with bad form followed by you talking to 30 different women and coming off as a weirdo?

    Google exists.

  5. I do it all for you, including the chicken shit squat weight.