Tuesday, April 16, 2013


This video has been around for a while but its still one of my favorites. Psych is currently a coach with DJ Fuji. I've interacted with him quite a bit a year ago and hes got some truly amazing game. A lot of guys who get into PU think its beta to show interest and most people don't do qualifications properly. I will tell you something, when you do a solid qualification on a girl who's already hooked, you can see that sparkle light up in her eye. No joke.


  1. I thought Psych retired from the game as far as coaching or he got booted out the community by Brad P.

  2. Uh no. He teaches on a daily basis. Saw him coaching a bootcamp in LA last week. Why would he be booted out of the community by Brad P? And how does someone get "booted" out of a community which is composed of mainly the internet? Does that even make sense?

  3. He was involved in an incident with 2 other coaches where they were alleged to have roughed up a student @ a bootcamp few years ago. The guy was 1 of Brad P's student or something like that. It started a whole feud and Brad P was saying that Psych should retire from coaching and teaching Pickup. So basically, that is an unofficial ousting. And you should know better that it isn't just internet based, so don't be a fucking prick. You've meet up with many coaches and gurus, so it's not like it's strictly internet based. Anyone can get black balled and blacklisted from events, etc. How many ppl has JTR banned from speaking @ his events over the years?