Thursday, April 18, 2013

Weekly Thursday In-Field Video - Brunettes Love Asians!

Seriously, this set is so hot, I got a boner editing it.  Any more and this would be rated NC-17.
This video shows a lot of sexual escalation, suggestive topics, framing, and making her jump through my hoops.


  1. Good in-field footage Mike!! You were doing a great job during the interaction and the escalation was on point. Your videos are very motivating and keep me on check to get good like you. It was funny how there was a boot camp in the background. lol. I have one question about boot camps about taking an RSD bootcamp with Julien/Jeffy or should I go elsewhere for a boot camp.

    Challenge Question: Oh you're from Seattle! That's cool that's where the Starbucks was founded. I like the Seahawks and their colors ...pretty awesome team to cheer for. Are you a cheerleader for the Seahawks as well? Let me show you some cheer moves so you land on the squad during tryouts this summer. (I'm still trying to improve on my social game but decided to give it a shot this week)

  2. You could take a bootcamp...if you have the money and you don't really care. Just realize that a weekend isn't going to cause a magical difference. Jeffy is kind of a douche and my friend took a bootcamp with him and asked for a refund. Julien is good himself but I don't know how much he can transfer it on to you.

    Like I said again, if you got money to blow, it doesn't matter. But if you do live in Cali, there are certainly cheaper options.

  3. Thanks for the advice Mike really appreciate it. :) I don't live in Cali at the moment. I live in Elko and Reno at the moment and I try to go out at least two times a week. The hardest part for me at the moment is talking and not drinking when I go out.

    What are the other options to improve on my skills once I return to Cali?

  4. Well it depends on your current skill level and your budget and what you want to get out of it.

    If you want the best analytical breakdown of your sticking points but someone who doesn't demo, DJ Fuji is the best. He is the only guy in the industry who will wire you with a microphone and hears all your conversations in set. He takes notes on every set and will tell you what you're doing.

    If you want someone who demos a lot and someone to go out consistently, basically a wing who is much better than you and much cheaper costing than a bootcamp, then I'm going to say me.

    Or you can drop 1500 on a bootcamp and watch Julien do his own sets... up to you. My verbals are probably as good as Julien and Brad but because they are better looking, their hook rate are probably higher than mine by a bit. Not gonna lie. I might go to RSD Hotseat 3 for fun and I will let you know how his verbals compare.

  5. Well im at mid beginner stage since I need drinks and am not that great at having conversations.. I can grind with girls but not good at closing or attracting them. How much are DJ Fujis, for when I get back to Cali..

    Btw no homo but youre better looking than Brad & Julien. Youve got conversations down, muscular, and mindset down. You can pull girls too I bet.

    definitely need to find a wingman and someone whos better than me to learn.

    Thanks again man.

  6. painful to watch. short fuse. your bantering still sucks. just go for the close.

    ex - she says she meets short azn guys in markets
    line - well i bet it takes 2 to please you

    reframe this bitch by saying i bet you want to fuck me so bad. how bad? like if i dangle a carrot of me

    1. Sooooo painful to watch that you watched it to the end. Oh heaven's you have such high tolerance for cringe worthy material! Let me guess, you also responded to my blog and subscribed too!?! Hahahaha.

      Why do I need to reframe? Shes already making out with me and rubbing my pen0r. I ditched her to go back to winging my students. Derp.

    2. if you were going to play hard to get, reframe to make her chase you harder. it would spike her emotions way high.

      instead, what i say was a girl interested at the start and you were flumbing your words.

      i never subscribe but i do check out your channel and blog

  7. Girl: I'm from Seattle.
    Me: Great, you must be wet already.