Thursday, June 27, 2013

Strategy for Pickup at EDC or Big Raves

  • Hot girls
  • More hot girls
  • Young hot girls
  • Hot girls in skimpy outfits
  • If you like EDM / House music, its a lot of fun
  • Mixed sets are a lot of times girlfriend / boyfriend.
  • There are tons of audio and visual distractions including music, lights, and lasers.
  • Girls are usually heavily under the influence of alcohol and drugs.  They may not exactly be in a listening mode
  • Usually no cell phone reception
  • People are scared of losing the group.  Friends tend to watch over each other.
  • Sets are usually on the move from one area to another
  • No clean bathrooms to pull, all porta-potties and some are usually guarded.
  • Bad logistics.  The event is at a motor speedway and is farrrrr from the Las Vegas strip and likely to be 30 minutes before getting back to the hotel.

As you can see, there are a LOT of fucking cons when it comes to picking up girls at Raves.  Picking up girls at raves are not easy.  I have yet to see someone actually PULL a girl from EDC.

You have to work with what you got.  Some environments are simply more conducive to pulling than others.  Doing pickup at XS nightclub when you're staying at the Wynn makes it a lot easier to pull than if you were to sarge at a funeral.  It doesn't matter how good you are, you're just not likely to pull at a funeral.  It is what it is.

Because of the time constraint and the fact that the sets are always moving, you're not going to get those hour long sets with the girl where you can build massive comfort and rapport.  Pickup at raves is a big fucking numbers game.

Due to the sheer number of people, you gain momentum by doing set after set after set.  Talk to a fatty if you have to in order to warm up.  

The way to open at raves is SUPER HIGH ENERGY.  Have a dumb stupid happy face grin and be dancing while you open them.  Its unlikely you can have too much energy that you blow yourself out of the set unless maybe you are overdosed on drugs.  

The default opener can be "Wooooooo, I love you".  Then call her out for being adventurous, fun, into excitement.  All your sentences should be short bursts or phrases.  They should not be long stretched out paragraphs since the girls are all ADHD mode.

"You're fun"
"Come here"
"Look at me"
"Let me give you a ride"
"We are the sexiest people here"

Then just get heavy kino and you're essentially going for makeouts and quick number closes.  Basically rave pickup is all about state pumps.  If the girl lives in LA or San Diego, I will number close them.  Since the night is going to be crazy, shes not likely to remember you.  Flaking will be high, but those are just the circumstances.  What I usually do is I have my wing take a picture of me and the girl doing something fun.  Then I text her next week with the picture and hopefully she can remember.  I wish I could provide a magic pill but 3 nights of heavy music, drinking, and drugs, 99.9% of girls just won't remember you after a 5 minute interaction.  Heck, even if it was an hour long interaction, I would be money that most girls would forget.

Thats the strategy in a nutshell.  I would only recommend doing pickup at raves if you actually love EDM/ House music.  Otherwise going there would be pointless as cost of tickets are expensive and there are better venue options out there.  If you're not buff and shredded like me, get a cool costume.  Its the only place where peacocking isn't really peacocking!

Hanging out with ViperGQ hehe.


  1. What shoes are you wearing?

    1. For the millionth time, I got it at Ross. Its Tommy Hilfiger.

  2. What happened to your XS review?

  3. absolutely ridiculous. guys with chests suited for taller people.

  4. How do u transition into makeouts?